Mosquito Magnet® Patriot


General Maintenance Tips

General Maintenance of your trap® is a key element in how it works. If it is not properly maintained there is the potential for the trap to stop running, not start, or not perform or catch at all.

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Moving the Mosquito Magnet®.

Placement of the Mosquito Magnet® is very important for an effective mosquito catch. If you need to move your trap for lawn maintenance, you MUST disconnect the regulator from the tank and remove the tank from the stand. There is a good chance your tank will fall off of the stand if you move the Mosquito Magnet® with the tank attached. If the regulator assembly is damaged while you are moving the trap it IS NOT covered by the warranty and there is a charge to replace this part.


Why is placement so important?

Placement of the Mosquito Magnet® is a key element in how it works. If it is not placed properly there is the potential for a low catch or no catch at all. Click here for further assistance with placement.


How to check if your Mosquito Magnet® has a good vacuum?

To check for sufficient vacuum you need to hold a piece of tissue, about half the size of a dime, under the opening of the trumpet-shaped part under the green housing. Place the piece of tissue about a half inch into the trumpet-shaped part. The arrows in the picture below show where to hold the tissue. Release the tissue, and it should get sucked up towards the trap. It may not get vacuumed all the way in through trap and into the net. Mainly you are looking to verify that there is air current moving in the right direction. The vacuum may not seem very strong, but keep in mind we are only trying to pull in a very tiny insect.

Tissue Test [TOP]

Can I use a gas gauge so I know when my tank is empty?

Tank Gauge

It is not recommended that you use a propane tank gauge which is placed in line between the propane tank and the Mosquito Magnet® regulator, (similar to the one pictured). The Mosquito Magnet® requires a very precise pressure and flow of propane at all times. These gauges may restrict the propane flow and cause the trap not to function properly. These gauges have not been tested with the Mosquito Magnet®.

When our regulators and gas lines are built they are thoroughly cleaned to greatly reduce any contaminants in the system and to prevent clogging of any kind. There may be contaminants in the gauge, or in the O rings used in the manufacturing of the propane tank gauge. These contaminants may get into the fuel system and possibly cause a clog. This will prevent your trap from functioning properly and may eventually prevent it from starting.

The best way to know when your propane tank is empty is to mark on a calendar the day that you refilled the tank and restarted the trap. Then count 21 days from that date. That will be your maintenance and refill date. The Mosquito Magnet® uses less than 1 pound of propane a day and will consume a full tank in about 18 to 22 days.


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