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Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus

Trap will not power up

If the Mosquito Magnet® does not power up, then there may be one of several problems. Here is a list of possible causes of this problem. Click on the tab for the How To Check & Resolution

Power Cord Failure.

Take the Power Cord to a local electronics shop or Radio Shack and ask them if they would check it. The Power Cord should have 12-15 volts AC. If the Power Cord is not producing 12-15 volts then you will need a replacement. Please check out our on-line store or call Dedicated Customer Support.

Trap will not start and the power cord is ok.

Try using a different wall outlet. Fix the wall outlet or use another outlet.

I had a power surge and the circuit breaker popped/blown a fuse.

Look in your circuit breaker box to see if it was the circuit breaker that popped or to see if you have a blown fuse. Reset circuit breaker.

Power Head Failure - Patriot upper assembly.

If you have checked the power cord, circuit breaker and have tried using other outlets, then it may be a problem with the Power Head. Contact Dedicated Customer Support for further assistance.

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