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Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Plus

Trap will not power up

If the Mosquito Magnet® does not power up, then there may be one of several problems. Here is a list of possible causes of this problem. Click on the tab for the How To Check & Resolution

Battery Failure

If the Battery is not holding a charge then you may need a replacement. Try charging the Battery for a full 24 hours and then try to start the trap again. If you get the same results then you may need a replacement Battery. Please check out our on-line store or call Dedicated Customer Support.

Unable to charge the Battery.

Take the power cord to a local electronics shop or Radio Shack and ask them if they would check it. The power cord should have 8 volts AC, 600 mA. If the power cord is not producing 8 volts AC, 600 mA then you will need a replacement. If the power cord is ok then there maybe a problem with the power head. Please check out our on-line store or call Dedicated Customer Support.

Battery not properly connected.

Disconnect the Battery and reattach. If the trap still does not work try charging the trap for a full 24 hours. Also refer to the previous two steps as well.

Power Head Failure - Liberty Plus upper assembly.

If you have battery and it has a charge and the trap will still not start then there may be a problem with the power head. Contact Dedicated Customer Support for further assistance.

Do not return your product to the store. Our 360° Customer Support Network is ready to help you! Call our 800-953-5737 and let our Dedicated Customer Support help you "Take Back Your Yard!".

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