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Mosquito Magnet® Liberty Plus

High Temp

high temperature

This fault code could be caused by one of the following problems. Please allow 10-15 minutes between each start up attempt to allow the electronic components to reset.

  • Trap Overheats - When the trap reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically shut down. If this happens, shut down the trap for 1 to 2 hours and start again.
  • Slow or Dead Fan - If the fan is running slow or not at all then this will cause the trap to overheat.
  • Placement - If the trap is placed in direct sunlight in high temperature climate, then the trap may run hotter. It is recommended to run the trap in the shade.
  • Type of gas - The recommended gas to use is Propane, in some areas of the country the only available gas is Butane. The trap can run ok using Butane but it will run hotter. As mentioned in the previous step if you are using Butane, the trap must be in the shade.
  • Other Problem – If, after trying to resolve your issue with the above steps you still continue to get the same fault, there may be an internal issue with your unit. If you continue to get this fault, please contact our Dedicated Customer Support call center for additional assistance.

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