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Mosquito Magnet® Liberty

Trap will not power up

If the Mosquito Magnet® does not power up, then there may be one of several problems. Here is a list of possible causes of this problem.

Power Cord Failure

Take the power cord to a local electronics shop or Radio Shack and ask them if they would check it. The power cord should have 12-15 volts AC. If the power cord is not producing 12-15 volts then you will need a replacement. Please check out our on-line store or call Dedicated Customer Support.

Trap will not power up, possible outlet problem.

Try using a different wall outlet. Fix the wall outlet or use another outlet.

Circuit Breaker Popped.

Look in your circuit breaker box to see if it was the circuit breaker that popped. Reset circuit breaker.

Power Head Failure - Liberty upper assembly.

If you have checked the power cord, circuit breaker and tried other outlets then the last resort it may be the Power Head. Contact Dedicated Customer Support for further assistance.

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