Mosquito Magnet® Independence

Low Battery

low battery

This fault code could be caused by one of the following problems. Please allow 10-15 minutes between each start up attempt to allow the prior fault to reset.

  • Battery not charged - The batteries have a very small charge but it is not enough to start the trap. Please check the installation or replace with new, alkaline batteries.
  • Battery Connection - If the battery compartment is not properly connected the trap may not get the full power source. Please check the connection of the compartment to the trap.
  • Dead Battery - If the batteries have become damaged or corroded you will need to replace.
  • Other Problem – If, after trying to resolve your issue with the above steps you still continue to get the same fault, there may be an internal issue with your unit. If you continue to get this fault, please contact our Dedicated Customer Support call center for additional assistance.

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