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Mosquito Magnet® Independence - Start up procedure

The start up procedure for the Independence is very simple, you just press the power button and sit back and watch. The steps below describe the start up procedure. It is recommended that you read the entire manual before starting the Mosquito Magnet trap.

  1. Place tank on stand
  2. Connect the regulator to the Propane tank.
  3. Turn on Propane tank valve SLOWLY and all the way.
  4. Press power switch to the on position.
  5. The LED will turn solid orange indicating warm up.
  6. Fan will start at high speed to purge burner compartment.
  7. Fan will then slow to a lower speed to allow the burner box to fill with propane and create a propane rich environment for easier ignition.
  8. The igniter will then begin to clicking about a minute after turning the trap on.
  9. About 10 seconds later the solenoid will then click open.
  10. If there is a build up of heat the large fan will speed up.
  11. After approximately thirteen minutes or so the LED should turn a solid green indicating the trap is running at full capacity

If the trap does not sense heat after two minutes, it will restart this sequence. It will repeat this sequence three times.

If no confirmed start up after three attempts, the LED will turn solid red.

Approximate start up times

Power switch to on position 0:00
Igniter starts clicking 1:05
Solenoid opens (single clicking sound) 1:14
Igniter stops clicking 1:35
Fan speeds up 6:25
LED turns solid 12:50

This test was done on a new Independence out of the box. Please note, start up times may vary.

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