Mosquito Magnet® Commander

Fault Code 94

Commander Fault 94

This fault code could be caused by one of the following problems.

  • The Commander trap's server may be down - Open a command prompt (START-Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt) and type in PING If it says PING TIMEOUT, the Commander trap's server may be down. Contact Consumer Care to have them confirm this issue.
  • Possible Internet Access issue - Open a command prompt (START-Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt) and type in If it pings, this means the trap's server is not down. To reset the trap, unplug battery, wait for 10 seconds and plug battery back in. If it still says 94, contact Consumer Care.

If you have tried the steps above, restarted the unit, but you are still getting the same code, contact our Dedicated Customer Support.

Do not return your product to the store. Our 360° Customer Support Network is ready to help you! Call our 800-953-5737 and let our Dedicated Customer Support help you "Take Back Your Yard!".

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