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BBQ Want to build your own backyard brick barbecue? First think about the best place to locate it. Remember, you'll want your barbecue to be relatively close to the house, since you're going to be carrying all your food and utensils from the house out to it. grill Now go ahead and check out these step-by-step instructions on how to design and bulid your very own backyard barbecue. And get cooking!

It’s the season of backyard outings, deck parties and poolside get-togethers — a chance for you to entertain friends and family with tasteful dishes, good conversation and lots of outdoor fun.

So don't let mosquitoes crash your backyard party and spoil your guests' enjoyment. Put mosquitoes in their place with Mosquito Magnet® and enjoy unmatched mosquito control. Independent tests have proven that Mosquito Magnet is more effective and captures more types of biting insects and mosquitoes than any other mosquito traps on the market. No wonder it's the #1-selling backyard mosquito trap.

You can't put a Mosquito Magnet - a propane mosquito trap - just anywhere in your backyard. Proper placement is crucial to its success. Our interactive trap placement assistant can help. Take a look and find the best place for this mosquito trap in your backyard.

The Executive is our best mosquito trap and features:

mosquito trap Counterflow Technology

Patented Counterflow™ Technology

Our product is so inventive and so amazingly unique that we have more than 15 patents on our Mosquito Magnet technologies!

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