Mosquito Magnet® Executive Accessory Bundle - Octenol

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  • Use for Executive trap
  • Executive Nets - 2 month supply = 3 qty., 4 month supply = 6 qty.
  • Octenol Cartridges - 2 month supply = 3 qty., 4 month supply = 6 qty.
  • Coverage area up to 1 acre
  • Ideal for northern & coastal regions

2-Month or 4-Month Accessory Bundle for Executive – Octenol

This 2-month or 4-month accessory bundle has everything you need to keep your Mosquito Magnet® Executive trap performing at its peak! With this accessory bundle, you can guarantee your outdoor mosquito control. The 2-month bundle includes 3 Executive Nets and 3 Octenol Cartridges. the 4-month bundle includes 6 Executive Nets and 6 Octenol Cartridges. Extend your insect protection for as long as possible with these efficient products that will be ready for you when you need them.

Executive Net

Mosquito Magnet® Executive & Commander Net

Start each season with a new Mosquito Magnet® Mosquito Morgue® Net - 3 Pack and replace as needed. This innovative rigid mosquito net has been specially engineered to maximize continuous, unblocked airflow (critical to the performance of the mosquito trap). The net allows for easy disposal, eliminating any interaction with insects and features increased capacity to extend the life of the net before needing replacement. Protect your family from mosquitoes and biting insects, which may carry serious diseases, and keep your Mosquito Magnet® at peak performance with regular replacement of attractants and nets.

Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractant

The right attractant can turn your Mosquito Magnet® into an even more powerful mosquito-killing device. The EPA registered Mosquito Magnet® Octenol is a secondary attractant that mimics human breath, drawing mosquitoes and biting insects to the trap. Not only attracting most mosquito species, including salt marsh mosquitoes, as well as no-see-ums and black flies. It will lure insects to the Mosquito Magnet® trap where they are captured in the mosquito net, then dehydrate and die. This makes Mosquito Magnet® Octenol the hassle- free way of killing mosquitoes throughout the entire outdoor season. Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities again, while Mosquito Magnet® does all the work!

Octenol Attractant

2-Month or 4-Month Accessory Bundle for Executive – Octenol Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the 2-Month or 4-Month Accessory Bundle for Executive – Octenol? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Mosquito Magnet® 2-Month or 4-Month Accessory Bundle for Executive
Model # CB3300OCT
  • Mosquito Magnet® Executive & Commander Net (3 Nets, or 6 Nets)
  • Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractants (3 Pack or two-3-packs)
For Use Against
  • Mosquito Magnet® Executive & Commander Net - Used with the Mosquito Magnet Executive or Commander Trap
  • Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractant - Eliminates mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and black flies
Recommended Usage
  • Mosquito Magnet® Executive & Commander Net - Replace net every 21 days
  • Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractant - For those who live in the northern or coastal regions. Replace every 21 days.
Accessory Bundle For Executive - Octenol
Model # CB3300OCT
  • Nets - 2 month = 3 qty.
  • Nets - 4 month = 6 qty.
  • Octenol Attractant - 2 month = 3 qty.
  • Octenol Attractant - 4 month = 6 qty.
Ideal For Northern and Coastal Regions
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