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Scientists: A Mosquito Bite Could Transmit Multiple Diseases at Once

Scientists: A Mosquito Bite Could Transmit Multiple Diseases at Once

Researchers at Colorado State University announced a scenario that makes mosquito control even more vital for homeowners, business owners and communities. According to the university’s findings, a mosquito infected with Zika virus may just as easily carry another exotic virus, such as chikungunya. Further, their testing suggests that a single mosquito bite could carry enough of both viruses to double-up infections on the bite victim.

In other words, a single bite from a random mosquito could infect you with two tropical diseases at once.

It’s already been reported that a chikungunya and dengue can survive in a single mosquito, which adds to the apparent danger. In fact, the researchers told Popular Science the virus team-ups may already be happening “more frequently than we predicted.”

Researchers cited another concern: As the viruses brew inside a mosquito, they may coalesce in some way to make them even more deadly to humans.

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