Food Industry Mosquito Control Methods

Food Industry Mosquito Control Methods

“Is that a mosquito in my food?” If you’re a restaurateur, caterer or owner of any type of food industry establishment that serves cuisine outdoors, that’s a question you never want to hear from your customers or patrons. And if you’re entertaining outdoors at your residence, you certainly don’t want mosquitoes bothering your guests as they dine. Mosquitoes are quickly drawn to any outdoor area that is inhabited by large groups of people, as humans are a readily available source of the blood they need to produce eggs. Thus, a busy outdoor eating establishment can serve as a smorgasbord for mosquitoes. And if you’re serving water or liquid foods such as soup, mosquitoes just might view these as attractive standing water sources for laying their eggs, a crucial phase of the mosquito breeding cycle.

Why Food Industry Mosquito Control Is So Important

Mosquitoes are known carriers of serious diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever, which can be transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. While mosquitoes may not necessarily be able to contaminate food, diners who find mosquitoes in their food may be so concerned about contracting a mosquito-borne disease that they may never patronize the establishment again. The presence of mosquitoes also places diners at risk of being bitten. When it comes to outdoor dining, mosquito control is essential to the health of the patrons and the business!

Outdoor Restaurant Mosquito Control Via Trapping

Bug zappers, scented candles or repellent sprays are not exactly the most appetizing restaurant mosquito control methods. However, restaurateurs can turn to trapping for a safe, sanitary and effective outdoor dining mosquito control solution. A strategically-placed Mosquito Magnet® trap can actually lure mosquitoes away from the premises and kill them before they can cause harm.

How Does a Mosquito Magnet Trap® Work?

mm counterflow technology Mosquito Magnet® works by converting propane to carbon dioxide, a powerful mosquito attractant that is also found in human breath. You can then mix carbon dioxide with an exact level of heat, moisture and a secondary attractant. The trap releases a precise and steady stream of this combination into the atmosphere. When mosquitoes are lured to the trap, the patented CounterFlow™ Technology vacuums them inside and into a net, where they become trapped and die of dehydration within 24 hours. Because the trap is placed away from the establishment — typically in a location between the seating area and any nearby source of standing water — diners won’t even know that a restaurant mosquito control device is being used. The only telltale sign will be a noticeable lack of mosquitoes! A Mosquito Magnet® trap can also be an effective mosquito control solution for homeowners who want to protect their outdoor guests.

Don’t Let Hungry Mosquitoes Make a Meal of Your Dinner Guests

Employing the right food industry mosquito control methods can contribute to a healthy bottom line for outdoor dining establishment. Protect your guests and your investment with the help of a Mosquito Magnet® trap!


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