Ensure Your Family Is Mosquito-Free This Summer

Ensure Your Family Is Mosquito-Free This Summer

Most of the time, a mosquito bite causes nothing more than an itchy, harmless welt that quickly disappears. However, some mosquito species found in North America carry and transmit diseases that can have serious health implications.

While afflictions such as malaria and dengue fever are more common in other parts of the world, they are becoming more widespread in the U.S. West Nile virus is another mosquito-borne disease that is slowly but surely gaining traction on the North American continent.

Mosquito PRevention Technology

The Importance of Protecting Kids From Mosquitoes

If you have a family, you should know how to protect children from bloodsucking mosquitoes. Kids do not have the benefit of a fully-developed immune system to provide a defense against mosquito-borne diseases, making them more vulnerable to the possible consequences of a mosquito bite. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a number of tips for providing mosquito protection for kids:

  • Dress your kids in long pants and long-sleeve shirts when weather conditions allow.
  • Apply a DEET-based mosquito repellent on exposed skin, being sure to keep it away from any open cuts or sores. Choose a product with a DEET concentration of no higher than 30 percent.
  • Keep your kids away from standing water, tall grass and other areas that serve as primary mosquito breeding grounds.
  • Keep children indoors during periods of heavy mosquito activity, particularly at dawn and dusk.
  • Make sure that screens in the windows of your kids’ bedrooms fit securely and are free of holes or tears.

How to Protect Babies From Mosquitoes

Protect baby from mosquitoes

Infants don’t have the ability to swat pesky mosquitoes away or escape from a sudden mosquito swarm. They’re also more susceptible to contracting mosquito-borne diseases than older children. It’s important to take extra precautions for protecting babies from mosquitoes:

  • When taking babies outdoors during the summer, dress them in light, loose-fitting clothing that covers their arms and legs. Keep their feet covered at all times.
  • Cover baby strollers with mosquito-proof netting.
  • Apply a DEET-based repellent on babies more than two months old.

Protecting Kids From Mosquitoes on Your Property

If your kids spend a lot of time playing in your yard, you’ll want to take steps to create a mosquito-free property. Remove as many sources of standing or stagnant water as possible, and keep grass and vegetation cut low. Consider installing a trap that can provide reliable mosquito protection for kids all season long.

Mosquito Magnet® Offers Safe and Effective Mosquito Protection for Kids and Adults

Protecting kids from mosquitoes is easy with a Mosquito Magnet® trap. Your entire family will get the benefit of 24/7 protection against mosquitoes, midges, black flies and other flying pests. By setting up your trap when the temperature rises above 50° F, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population throughout the season. Mosquito Magnet® traps are perfectly safe for use around children and pets. Use these tips for mosquito protection for kids, and help your family enjoy a mosquito-free yard spring, summer and fall!


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