Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bug Your Business

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Bug Your Business

When your business depends on the Great Outdoors, your customers expect to enjoy all that nature has to offer: sunshine, fresh air, picturesque views and the sights and sounds of wildlife. Unfortunately, your customers may also find themselves “enjoying” the more annoying parts of Mother Nature – mosquitoes and other biting insects.

That’s why Mosquito Magnet® CO2 mosquito traps can be a godsend to business owners. Mosquito traps are an effective, insecticide-free way to reduce mosquito populations while keeping your customers happy and eager to come back again and again.

How a Mosquito Magnet® CO2 Mosquito Trap Works

Mosquito Control for Businesses

The basic of operation of Mosquito Magnet® traps is based on how mosquitoes find their prey.

Here’s what happens:

  • The Attraction – Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide in our breath and to chemicals released from our skin, particularly in sweat. Once they sense the CO2 and chemicals, they fly in from dozens of yards away to take a bite out of you.
  • The Bait – Mosquito Magnet® traps release mosquito bait into the air by converting propane into CO2, which is then mixed with an additional chemical attractant. To mosquitoes, it smells like an easy meal and they follow the scent trail to investigate.
  • The Capture – As soon as they venture too close to the trap, mosquitoes are sucked inside where they dehydrate and die. Mosquitoes can’t escape thanks to a powerful vacuum function that holds them in a net inside the machine.

Mosquito Trap Options for Your Business

Mosquito Magnet® traps come in various models, so businesses can choose which trap is right for their mosquito control needs.

  • Patriot – Cost-effective and efficient, the Patriot offers up to one acre of mosquito control. It is powered by a 50-foot plug-in cord.
  • Patriot Plus – Featuring a high-volume bug bag, the Patriot Plus provides mosquito control for up to one acre. It is also powered by a 50-foot plug-in cord.
  • Independence – Featuring one-touch operation and a drawstring catch-net, the Independence leads the charge against mosquitoes. Its one-acre coverage area is fueled by four C-Cell batteries.
  • Executive – Utilizing an LCD front panel and simple controls, the Executive also delivers up to one acre of mosquito control. A cordless, battery-powered design allows it to be placed anywhere on your property.
  • Commander – Offering easy trap management options through Wi-Fi connections, the Commander efficiently manages up to one acre of mosquito-infested property. This trap uses a nickel metal hydride battery to allow operation in remote locations without an external power source.

We also sell three different types of secondary attractant for your trap, so that your trap works efficiently no matter where you live in the U.S. or Canada. Each trap requires a propane tank purchase as well.

Mosquito Control for Customers

Customers Appreciate Your Efforts

Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps can benefit a wide variety of businesses and organizations that feature, utilize or work in outdoor locations, including:

  • Campgrounds
  • Vacation resorts
  • Amusement parks
  • Recreation areas
  • Public pools
  • Marinas
  • Construction companies
  • Zoos
  • Horse ranches
  • Animal rescues and shelters
  • Pick-your-own-produce farms
  • Farm stands
  • Flea markets
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Retail stores
  • Tourist attractions
  • Golf courses
  • Sports venues
  • Homeowners associations

Whatever your business, you’ll benefit from doing your best to remove the threat of mosquitoes from your property. Each of Mosquito Magnet® traps provide mosquito control for up to one acre of land, and there’s just no mosquito repellent or candle that can do that. Need to cover more area than that? Overlap your property with additional CO2 mosquito traps to expand your “Mosquito Control Zone.”

Happy, bite-free customers also mean better business for you. Most customers will appreciate an enjoyable outdoor experience where they don’t have to be concerned about mosquitoes. You can even promote your mosquito-controlled facility as “Protected by Mosquito Magnet® to draw in even more customers!

Given the choice between two comparable resorts, would you stay at one where you always have to apply smelly and sticky mosquito repellent, or one where you don’t have to worry about getting bitten up? Would you give a positive online review of a restaurant when you couldn’t tell who was eating better — you or the mosquitoes?

As added benefit, your employees will also appreciate a workplace where biting insects aren’t a major concern. The result? Better customer service and higher worker productivity!

You owe it to yourself, your customers and employees to provide the best outdoor experience you can, and that means doing everything in your power to eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects, including black flies, biting midges and gnats.

Mosquito Control for Outdoor Businesses

Take Control of Your Property Today with Mosquito Magnet®

At Mosquito Magnet®, we do one thing: We make Mosquito Magnet® traps and the accessories that make them effective. It’s our specialty and we strive to give you and your business the best in customer support. Call the Mosquito Magnet® consumer care team at (800)953-5737 and we’ll help you find the best CO2 mosquito trap for your business. To help our customers even more, we include a user-friendly operation manual with every purchase.

Further, be sure to tell us about your experiences when you visit Mosquito Magnet® on Facebook, where you can learn how other businesses benefit from their mosquito traps. In fact, feel free to contact us on Facebook and tell us how Mosquito Magnet® is helping your business. We may even want to feature you in an article at!

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