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Keep Customers Comfortable on Your Outdoors Sales Lot

Keep Customers Comfortable on Your Outdoors Sales Lot

Treat the customer like a superstar. That’s probably the best advice that any sales expert will tell you. Show your client that they matter! Provide them with the best customer experience possible, and they will be much more likely to spend their money with you rather than the competitor down the street.

For managers of outdoor sales facilities, it can be a bit harder to capture those customers. They can be gone before you even get a chance to show them how you plan to treat them right!

With that difficulty facing you, plan to set up your outdoor sales floor with the customer in mind. Make it place that’s comfortable – and even fun – to visit.

What are we talking about when we say “outdoor sales floors”? Here are a few key business types:

  • Car Sales
  • Boat Sales
  • Motorhome/RV Sales
  • Motorcycle Sales
  • Nurseries
  • Lumber yards
  • Produce Stands
  • Flea Markets
Misting stations and other amenities are key to keeping customers on site
Misting stations and other amenities are key to keeping customers on site.

7 Ideas to Enhance the Outdoor Buying Experience

Weather, exhaustion and annoyances. Those are the three biggest factors for anyone running an outdoor sales floor. Potential customers get tired, annoyed or are driven away before they have an opportunity to explore your inventory.

As a site manager, you can curb all these problems by spending a few dollars and a little bit of time to set things up. Remember, by enhancing your lot, you’re throttling up the customer experience which will result in betters sales, and most importantly, returning customers.

  1. Misting Stations – No matter where you’re located – in the Deep South or the Northern Plains – summer temperatures can be unbearable on a lot covered with asphalt. Set up a misting station to help cool customers as they visit. Keeping them comfortable will keep them on the lot longer. If you’re concerned about the spray drifting onto freshly washed cars, just set up a screen that you adjust based on the prevailing wind.
  2. CO2 Mosquito Traps – Mosquitoes and other biting insects can drive customers batty. Even worse is when they get home and find themselves covered in bites. Adding a CO2 mosquito trap is the perfect way to offer protection to an entire facility without having spray chemicals that may irritate your customers. These traps draw mosquitoes (and other biting insects) with an attractant and pull them inside where they’re trapped in a net and die.
  3. Golf Carts – Offer a shuttle service to your customers who may not want to hoof it across the lot. Even better, give them two options for drivers: A no-nonsense part-timer who will just take them around as directed or a full-fledged salesperson who can answer questions.
  4. Refreshments – Most sales lots have refreshments available inside where all the paperwork gets signed, but try putting up a tiki bar or refreshment stand at the back end of your lot. When a salesperson is walking them around, stop in for a drink or an ice cream sandwich. This gives your salesperson a little more non-threatening facetime with the customer before any big decisions.
  5. Rest Areas – Much like the tiki bar idea, set up a shaded picnic table or gazebo right in the middle of your lot that gives your customers a place to take a load off while they collect their thoughts and recharge. It’s also a great place to escape in the middle of a sudden downpour. Your sales team can even use it to go over the basics of a deal before moving into the office.
  6. Play Area for Kids (Outside) – One of the biggest hassles of shopping for many parents is what to do with their kids while they shop. Whether they’re buying a flat of marigolds or finally going for the boat they always wanted, they are going to appreciate a clear, uncluttered thought process while making their decisions. That’s why an outdoor play gym can offer tremendous benefits for your sales. Sending the kids off to a playground for a half-hour or so can do wonders!
  7. Play Area for Kids (Inside) – Not all kids will be interested in spending time on a playground. That’s why a kids/teen area is vital for your inside reception area. For teens, this should include a device-charging station, comfortable chairs and wifi. For the younger set, a video game system, play toys and a craft area are all a must. Again, your goal is to give parents a shot at making the decisions you want them to make!

Of course all these amenities come with their own maintenance issues, upkeep and even insurance considerations, so make sure you have all that planned out before setting them in motion. Remember, play it safe but go big!

If you have a large lot, offer a shuttle service to show off all your inventory
If you have a large lot, offer a shuttle service to show off all your inventory.

Brag Your Upgrades Online

Once your facility’s upgrades are in place, it’s time to brag about it online. Update your website to announce your new features and offer photos and videos to really entice shoppers. Once those are ready, let the world know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media outlets you use.

Your next step is even more important! Google your company and find all the reviews on Yelp!, and similar sites. For every review left by your customers, leave a fresh response, tell them about your upgrades and invite them back to check out the changes. These reviews and your response will be seen by that customer, of course, but also anyone else who’s looking for info about you. Remember to stay positive and avoid engaging in anything other than friendly conversation.

Use outdoor tables to meet customers and go over the details of the deal
Use outdoor tables to meet customers and go over the details of the deal.

Take Control of Your Property

Mosquito magnet trap

When you’re looking to make a big change with your outdoor business, you want to provide the best experience possible for your customers. That’s where Mosquito Magnet® comes into play – we help you keep your customers happy by keeping your local mosquito population under control. If they’re swarmed by bugs while trying to shop they won’t want to stay around very long.

With a Mosquito Magnet® CO2 mosquito trap operating on your business, you’ll see a marked reduction in the pest insects attacking your customers. For more information about Mosquito Magnet®, join us on Facebook.

If you’re ready to invest in a mosquito trap, subscribe to the Mosquito Magnet® E-Newsletter for tips on its use and more ideas on how to battle the mosquitoes threatening your customers. You can also join our Reward Points program, which gives you money off future purchases.



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