Your Outdoor Wedding: How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Your Outdoor Wedding: How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Spring is here and summer is not far behind – it’s time to start thinking of outdoor wedding ideas! You want the day to be perfect, and you want your guests to have a great time, but have you thought about how to keep mosquitoes away from your wedding or other outdoor events? These uninvited guests can annoy and endanger your guests, but we have come up with some great ideas to keep you and your wedding party from being riddled with mosquito bites. From preparing the site beforehand, to using outdoor wedding decorations that repel mosquitoes – we have you covered!

Get Rid of Standing Water Before the Big Day

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water; even small puddles are enough to hatch a large swarm of hungry mosquitoes. Do away with any standing water, if possible, to remove egg-laying areas.

  • Fill in puddle-prone areas
  • Check for, and empty, objects or decorations which may hold water
  • Install a water circulation system in any ornamental water features such as ponds or pools

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches from The Armchair Sommelier Blog. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches from The Armchair

Repel with Smell

Use scents in your décor that mosquitoes hate. repel mosquitoes

  • Candles: Rather than using a big bucket candle, try a DIY citronella candle. Just add water, lemon slices, and a tea light or floating candle to a Mason jar. You can also add sprigs of rosemary and drops of citronella oil if you choose for additional repellent power. Not only are these adorable, but they’re easy and inexpensive to make.
  • Torches: You want your day to be gorgeous and mosquito free – but not tacky – so try making classier-than-tiki torches from your favorite wine bottles, antique bottles or mason jars! Just add a wick, brass fitting, glass stones and citronella lantern fuel to your favorite bottle – soon you will have a personalized and recycled piece of wedding décor.  Find the tutorial on The Armchair Sommelier Blog!

repel mosquitoes with marigolds

  • Flowers: Choose flowers for your arrangements that repel mosquitoes - lavender and marigolds are perfect choices. The great news is that marigolds come in so many colors – you’re sure to find one that matches your wedding theme.
  • Dryer Sheets: Hide dryer sheets inside of some of your decorations or tape them out-of-site to the bottom of chairs. A common floral-scented chemical found in dryer sheets, called Linalool, is said to help repel gnats and mosquitoes. This chemical naturally occurs in lavender, basil and coriander.
  • Let Your Favors Do the Work: Give guests small mosquito sprays as party favors or make a basket full of sprays for guests to share and use as-needed. Perhaps place a card near the basket or with each spray featuring a clever reminder for guests to slather on the spray. Or, if you would rather not walk down the aisle through clouds of chemical spray, you can hand out repellent towelettes instead.

Keep the Air Moving

Mosquitoes prefer still air, so arrange fans around your seating and dancing areas to help keep them at bay with wind power. Plus, the air circulation will keep your guests cool on a hot summer day!

Hire an Exterminator

You may opt to have your venue area sprayed for mosquitoes. Note, it is recommended to do this about 3-4 days prior to the event. However, many venue sites may have regulations about chemicals being put into the air and on the grounds. Keep in mind, if the event is in your yard, you may be unable to treat a large enough area to make this method effective.

Preemptive Strike

You can drastically reduce the mosquito population – and the chance of being bitten – by placing Mosquito Magnet® traps  at your venue site a few weeks early. This is especially beneficial if you are having a wedding in your, or a family-member’s, yard since a trap can be used all season long! If renting a venue, be sure to request that a Mosquito Magnet® trap is installed a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your wedding day.

How Mosquito Magnet® Works

Mosquito Magnet ® mosquito traps safely lure in mosquitoes who are looking for an iron-rich snack by using carbon dioxide and an attractant that mimics our body chemistry. Mosquitoes are then sucked into the trap where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Mosquito Magnet® traps are also an effective way to control other bloodsuckers such as black flies, midges and no-see-ums. Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps are also quiet and effective – your wedding guests won’t even know they’re under its protection!

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