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Mosquito Magnet Mosquito Magnet Trap & Accessory Bundles

Mosquito Magnet® Trap & Accessory Bundles

Are you looking to buy a Mosquito Magnet® trap but want to save money? Then choose one of our many trap & 2-month accessory bundles to get everything you need, all at once. Mosquito Magnet® trap bundles offer an economical way to ensure you’ll enjoy maximum mosquito protection throughout the outdoor pest season. You can also control other flying pests such as midges, black flies and no-see-ums.


What Does a Mosquito Trap Bundle Consist Of?

When you buy mosquito trap bundle packages, you get everything you need to make it through much of the mosquito season while saving money. Each bundle includes, a 2-month supply of Mosquito Magnet® accessories including attractants, replacement mosquito nets and Quick Clear cartridges – all at a discounted price.


Buy a mosquito trap bundle that’s right for you!

Mosquito Magnet® has a bundle for all of our trap models – so you can enjoy the savings no matter which trap you choose. We offer four mosquito killing devices in all. The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot™, Independence™, Executive™, and Commander™ offer a wide range of features designed to accommodate your mosquito control needs.

All traps include our patented Counterflow™ Technology — the proven science behind our one-of-a-kind mosquito killing devices. With Mosquito Magnet®, you get effective mosquito control for an area as large as one acre, making our traps ideally suited for both small and large properties alike.


Mosquito Trap Kits Are a Great Way to Tailor Your Secondary Attractant

Trap bundles also allow you to customize your secondary mosquito attractant based on the region in which you live. Lurex3™ is the best mosquito attractant for most southern regions, excluding coastal locales. Octenol is a similar secondary attractant that performs best in northern regions, including Canada. Octenol is also used to attract mosquitoes in coastal regions across all of the United States. R-Octenol offers similar protection in the northern US and coastal regions, but lasts up to 40% longer than regular Octenol.


Mosquito Kits Ensure You Won’t Run Out of Accessories

Ordering a mosquito trap kit is a great way to ensure you’ll have plenty of nets, secondary attractants and QuickClear cartridges on hand, which is especially important during the heart of the mosquito season. So, don't wait to run out of your accessories to buy them. For the ultimate mosquito killing device, purchase a Mosquito Magnet® trap bundle today to enjoy all the savings and convenience of getting all you need, all at once.



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