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Product FAQs

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Find immediate answers to commonly asked questions about QuickClear cartridges, propane, mosquito repellents, attractants and other general questions about using our traps.  Mosquito Magnet® can help you solve your mosquito problems with powerful propane mosquito traps.







General Information


Q:   How long should a 20-pound propane tank last?


A:   A full 20-pound tank will last approximately 21 days. It is not recommended to let the propane completely run out. We recommend having a second full tank on-hand to swap to reduce downtime.


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Q:   Can I use natural gas instead of propane?


A:   No. Mosquito Magnet® traps are designed to operate with propane. In cases where pure propane is not available then a mix of propane and butane may be used. In NO circumstance should natural gas be used.


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Q:   Can I use a gas gauge on my propane tank?


A:   A gas gauge can be used as long as the gauge is connected directly to the tank and then the regulator from the Mosquito Magnet® is connected directly to the other end of the gauge.


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Q:   Why do I need to purge my tank?


A:   New, previously unfilled, propane tanks can contain air, which will rise to the top when the tank is filled. This air may prevent the Mosquito Magnet® from starting until purged. When purchasing a new tank ask your propane dealer to purge the tank.


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Q:   Can I use an extension cord as a supplement to the Defender or
        Liberty model?


A:   The use of an extension cord is NOT recommended.


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Q:   My Mosquito Magnet® is dripping water, is that normal?


A:   Yes. The liquid you may see dripping from your unit is condensed water vapor. This is a byproduct of the catalytic conversion of propane and oxygen to carbon dioxide and water vapor and is caused by atmospheric temperature differentials. This will not impede the operation of your unit in any way.


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Q:   Can a compressor be used instead of Quick Clear cartridge?


A:   The Mosquito Magnet® Quick Clear cartridge is recommended for regular cleaning of the fuel line. The use of compressed air is NOT recommended and can cause damage to the trap. Use of compressed air instead of QuickClear cartridge will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.


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Q:  Can my Mosquito Magnet® be used in the rain or with sprinklers?


A:  The Mosquito Magnet® is designed to operate under normal moisture conditions, including rain and sprinklers. However, use caution that your sprinkler or hose does not target the unit directly as this may cause damage to the unit.


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Q:   What types of insects does the Mosquito Magnet® catch?


A:   The Mosquito Magnet® attracts and captures mosquitoes, black flies, no see-ums, and midges. Using our Lurex3™ attractant will also attract and help capture the Asian Tiger mosquito where it is prevalent.


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Q:   How do I get additional assistance?


A:   There are several steps you can take:


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