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Asian Tiger - Biting Insect Library

Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger mosquito is a vector (carrier) of Dengue Fever, and a potential carrier of Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and heartworm in pets.  Learn about the symptoms of Dengue Fever, as well as the Dengue Fever mosquito breeding grounds below.


After first being found in Houston, TX, this mosquito species has quickly spread to other areas within the US.  It is believed to have been brought into the U.S. via shipments of old tires

from Asia.




Breeding Habits

The Female Asian Tiger mosquitoes will lay their eggs in almost any container.  "Dengue Fever" mosquito breeding grounds include old tires, bottles, flower pots, aluminum cans, swimming pool covers, plastic cups, tree holes, and many other items that can hold even small amounts of water.


It is this flexibility in breeding habitats or containers that helps to make the Asian Tiger mosquito so prolific.  Even without manmade discarded containers, the mosquito would still have plenty of choices for egg-laying.  As long as there is a small amount of water, the Asian Tiger mosquito will continue to lay its eggs there.




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