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Asian Tiger - Biting Insect Library

Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger mosquito is a vector (carrier) of Dengue Fever, and a potential carrier of Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and heartworm in pets.


After first being found in Houston, TX, this mosquito species has quickly spread to other areas within the US.  As a carrier of Dengue Fever, this mosquito species is believed to have been brought into the U.S. via shipments of old tires from Asia.






The Asian Tiger mosquito species is a vector (carrier) of Dengue Fever, and a potential carrier of Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and Heartworm in pets.  This daytime biter inflicts painful bites on humans which are the preferred “dinner” of the female mosquito. Learn about the symptoms of Dengue Fever, as well as the Dengue Fever mosquito breeding grounds.


Native to the tropics as well as a carrier of Dengue Fever, the mosquito name of the Asian Tiger originates from its striped tiger appearance.  Approximately 3/16 inch in length, the Asian Tiger mosquito’s body is black with one white stripe on body and several white stripes across legs.  This "Dengue Fever" mosquito species has antennae that are shorter than its head.  Like every other mosquito, it has six legs and only one pair of wings.


Larvae are known as wigglers since they seem to move in that manner.  They feed on fungi, bacteria and other tiny organisms through straw-like filters.  These larvae will undergo growth throughout the four instars of this stage.


Pupae are known as tumblers because of the way they seem to “tumble” through the water.  Their rounded, comma-like shape makes this mode of movement easy.  These pupae do not eat during the 1-2 days in which they will become an adult mosquito.






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