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Mosquito Magnet Executive, best mosquito trap for larger backyards

Mosquito Magnet® Executive

If you're looking for the best mosquito trap for larger backyards, you need to consider the Mosquito Magnet® Executive, an electric trap for mosquitoes. The Executive is a state-of-the-art electric mosquito trap that offers 1 acre of coverage and uses "Smart Technology" to protect you from mosquitoes and other biting pests!


What Is Smart Technology?

Smart Technology features an easy-to-read LCD panel and the choice of four fuel saving modes that can extend the life of the unit's propane tank for up to 30 days. Smart Technology makes the Mosquito Magnet® Executive trap the best mosquito trap for larger areas.


A Highly Effective Electronic Mosquito Trap

There are a host of additional features that make the Executive a premier mosquito trap. Since temperature is a critical factor when it comes to mosquito breeding, as mosquitoes breed when the temperature is at or above 50° F, a mosquito trap that also operates below this temperature would waste energy. The Executive is equipped with a built-in shutdown feature that will automatically power down and restart the trap as the temperature changes. This ensures your trap runs at peak performance, and you won’t waste precious fuel by attempting to trap mosquitoes during times when they’re less active.


Counterflow™ Technology Makes Attracting, Trapping and Killing Mosquitoes Easy!

The Executive electric mosquito also includes our patented Counterflow™ Technology in which mosquitoes are vacuumed into a specially designed net where they become dehydrated and die within 24 hours. You’ll experience a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population on your property in as little as 30 days.


An Electric Mosquito Killer Featuring Cordless and Rechargeable Operation

Because the Executive runs with a rechargeable battery that can hold a charge through an entire mosquito season, it offers maximum operating flexibility. You'll be able to place the unit close enough to the mosquito breeding area while still keeping it far enough away from outdoor family activity areas. With the Executive, you’ll never have to worry about connecting your electronic mosquito control device to an external power source.


The Executive Receives Some of the Best Mosquito Trap Reviews

One way to determine what makes an effective mosquito trap is to take a look at what the experts have to say, and the Executive has received some of the best mosquito trap reviews. According to "Consumer Reports", for instance, electronic mosquito killer traps such as the Executive garner top reviews thanks to its quality performance. We’ve also received a number of reviews about these revolutionary electric mosquito traps from satisfied users.


Put Our Electric Mosquito Control Solution to Work on Your Property

You can order the Executive separately or as part of a budget-friendly bundle that includes additional mosquito nets, secondary attractant cartridges and other key accessories. Enjoy even greater savings with free ground shipping for all orders over $64.99!


Order the Executive today and take back your yard from flying pests!



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