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Mosquito Magnet Traps

Mosquito Magnet® Commander

Wireless technology is the key driver in this latest addition to the #1 selling Mosquito Magnet® trap line. The Mosquito Magnet® Commander is the first-ever wireless-enabled mosquito trap that lets you conveniently check the status of your trap anywhere, in real-time. The Commander is an intelligent mosquito trap that puts you in complete control!



Enjoy the Flexibility to Control Mosquitoes Remotely

The Commander mosquito trap features a Web-based customizable dashboard. From your PC or mobile device, you can log in to change trap settings and monitor trap attributes. You can also check the propane tank and mosquito net levels, starting up and powering down your trap, and more.


Get Rid of Mosquitoes With Advanced Mosquito Magnet Commander


The Commander Provides Maximum Trap Placement Flexibility

This revolutionary mosquito control technology gives you the freedom to place your wireless mosquito trap exactly where you need it. You’ll be able to easily establish clear signal connectivity at a distance of up to 250 feet from the wireless access point. Because the trap operates via a custom rechargeable battery, trap placement will not be restricted by having to plug it into an electrical outlet.


Save Fuel With Smart Technology

Our remote mosquito trap also features Smart Technology that will help keep your propane costs low. Smart Technology allows you to program your trap to automatically start up and power down at predetermined air temperature readings.

The Commander includes our patented Counterflow™ Technology to lure, capture and kill thousands of mosquitoes quickly and efficiently. You will begin to notice a significant reduction in the mosquito population in as little as 30 days, even on a property as large as one acre.


Order the Ultimate Mosquito Trap for Your Home Today

Take advantage of this cutting-edge mosquito control technology to keep these relentless and potentially dangerous pests away. We include a user-friendly operation manual and instructional DVD with each trap, and you’ll have access to our world-class 360° Customer Support for additional assistance whenever you need it.

Order the wireless-enabled Mosquito Magnet® Commander today.



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