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Mosquito Fun Facts - Mosquito Magnet

Are you Allergic to Mosquito Bites?

The only mosquito that bites humans is the female. She will break your skin and inject you with her saliva. The saliva contains specialized proteins that will prevent your blood from clotting, enabling her to feed from you.


It is these clot-preventing proteins in her saliva that can cause you to have an allergic reaction from bites. Mosquito allergies and their symptoms vary. While your bite allergy may be typical, you can develop a more severe allergy at any point in your life. It's important to note there is no cure and the best course of action is prevention from exposure to mosquitoes.





Normal Bite Allergy

Mosquito Bite Allergy

Most people are not allergic to mosquito bites. Typically, upon being bitten, they will develop a reaction around the bite area, such as swelling and itching. The amount of time for the body to respond to a mosquito bite can vary, sometimes causing immediate response and other times a delayed one.


Typically, as you are exposed to more mosquito bites, your body's reaction to being bitten will decrease. More and more you'll experience less itching and swelling. This is why it is more common to see large, red, itchy areas on children rather than adults.


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Severe Mosquito Bite Allergies

Skeeter Syndrome

Occurring less frequently is an allergic reaction known as "Skeeter Syndrome". These people will suffer from rashes that blister, substantial swelling and bruising. While the typical person only experiences swelling around the actual bite site, a person who is allergic to mosquito bites will experience swelling in the entire leg or arm. The symptoms typically take hours or even days to present themselves.


Skeeter Syndrome



Even rarer are those who have a severe mosquito bite allergy. Some people may experience their entire body swelling and breaking out in full-body hives. Also, asthma symptoms may worsen after being bitten. In some cases, a person may experience life-threatening anaphylaxis, which is the most severe allergic response. It affects multiple organ systems and causes lowered blood pressure, hives, swelling and difficulty breathing.



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