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Midge - Biting Insect Library


Non-Biting Midges, commonly called simply “gnats,” are often mistaken for mosquitoes by their appearance.  They fly in great swarms for the purpose of mating.  Where do gnats live?  These insects are found in every continent of the world.  Learn about what gnats are attracted to and the lifespan of gnats.


On occasion, swarms of midges have been so thick they looked like clouds of smoke from afar.





Where do gnats live?  Midges, commonly referred to as gnats, are found in every continent of the world, even in the bitter cold Arctic and Antarctic regions.  It appears the only limiting factor in their distribution is the presence of a body of water or wet soil.


Non-Biting Midges gather in large swarms near bodies of water, including streams, lakes and ponds.  These midges are often found on the outside of houses as well as indoors.  Those that are indoors will likely be found dead the next morning.




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