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Anopheles - Biting Insect Library

Anopheles Mosquito

The Anopheles mosquito has been given the Malaria Mosquito name because it is considered the primary vector of the disease.   The Malaria mosquito bite is also considered a carrier of heartworm in dogs.


When resting, the stomach area of the Anopheles mosquito points upward, rather than being even with the surrounding surface like most mosquitoes.





Interesting Facts

There are about 430 species of the Anopheles mosquito, but only between 30 and 40 of those mosquito species are actual vectors, or conveyors, of malaria.


Many of the Anopheles mosquito species have become resistant to insecticides through years and years of pesticide use.


Anopheles mosquitoes are most active at two times:  just before dawn and right after darkness sets in.  At these times of the day, outdoor mosquito control is important to provide protection against the malaria mosquito bite.


The Anopheles mosquito can cause an outbreak of “airport malaria” when it is accidentally imported via luggage or even the airplane itself.


Sir Ronald Ross, who proved the transmission of malaria by the Anopheles mosquito, was not only a scientist; he was also a mathematician, novelist, poet, editor, composer, and artist.


The Anopheles mosquito is still found in many areas where malaria has been eradicated.  Although the parasite has been eliminated, since anopheles mosquitoes are still present, it is still possible for malaria to be reintroduced into the area by a single Malaria mosquito bite.


Anopheles mosquitoes in an eradicated area can be infected by “introduced” malaria.  When humans from eradicated areas travel to endemic areas, they may become infected by a Malaria mosquito bite by a mosquito that carries the disease.  Upon returning home, the infected human is bit by an indigenous anopheles mosquito that then transmits it to other residents in the area.  Learn more about the symptoms of malaria, as well as the malaria mosquito species.






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