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Where To Buy Mosquito Magnet® Products


Our products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. However, not all the retailers listed under this section carry all our products.

If you are looking to minimize the insect problem on your property by purchasing one of our highly effective Mosquito Magnet® mosquito catchers, you'll be happy to know our products are sold nationally. However, not all the retailers listed under this section carry all our products. If you want to purchase a mosquito catcher in person, contact your local retailer and ask them if they carry the specific product(s) you are looking for or contact us at (800)-953-5737.


You Can Also Purchase Mosquito Magnet® Online


Another option for where to buy mosquito nets and our other related mosquito products is to purchase them from the comfort of your home or office by visiting our convenient online store. The easiest way to complete your purchase is to simply click on the "Add to Cart" button underneath the product you wish to order. Keep in mind we offer a variety of shipping options, including free ground shipping for all orders exceeding $64.99*. Free Shipping not applicable to Canadian orders.  Canadian orders do ship from our Canadian warehouse-eliminating customs charges and delivery delays.


Mosquito Magnet Repairs


Even a top-quality product like Mosquito Magnet® may need service on occasion. In many cases, you can handle a Mosquito Magnet® repair on your own by implementing the easy-to-follow steps found in our handy troubleshooting guides. You can also contact customer support by email, telephone or live chat assistance. For more difficult issues, you can take your machine to one of our convenient Mosquito Magnet® repair centers. Contact 360° Customer Support for the location of the nearest Mosquito Magnet repair center.


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