Find Your Mosquito Magnet® Match

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Find Your Mosquito Magnet® Match

“What should I use to repel mosquitoes?” That’s a typical question asked by many Mosquito Magnet® customers. With so many mosquito equipment types and repellent options available, finding the ideal mosquito control solution can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re selecting a mosquito repellent for the first time.

The following mosquito control comparisons can help you make the best decision for protecting your family against these annoying, harmful pests.

What Should I Use to Repel Mosquitos?

mosquito repellent citronella candle

•Citronella Candles

The scent of burning citronella candles can deter mosquitoes in small, confined areas, and many people find their aroma very appealing. However, you must be within the rather limited range of the plume to receive any protection against biting mosquitoes. The best place to use citronella candles is in an enclosed patio to prevent the evening breeze from extinguishing the flame.

•Mosquito Coils

A mosquito coil is a spiral-shaped device that includes a type of incense that is burned to produce a mosquito-repelling smoke without flame. Coils can be effective and are relatively easy to use, although they pose a fire risk from sparking. There are also health concerns regarding the inhalation of the smoke.

•Spray Repellents

Sprays containing DEET can repel mosquitoes for two to twelve hours, depending on the percentage of DEET in the product. While the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that DEET-based mosquito repellents do not pose a health risk when used as directed, some individuals are not comfortable with using a product containing synthetic chemicals. Sprays containing natural ingredients are available, but their effectiveness is inconsistent at best.

•Bug Zappers

Bug zappers emit an electric current that electrocutes insects when they fly into the device. While zappers will kill mosquitoes, they are not powerful mosquito attractants, making them a rather ineffective mosquito control solution. Additionally, the mist that results when mosquitoes are electrocuted can actually be harmful to humans when inhaled.

•Mosquito Netting

Mosquito nets can work well as a mosquito barrier. The main issue with netting is that the barrier can easily be breached when humans enter or leave the protected area — even a brief opening provides ample opportunity for mosquitoes to find their way in. Nets must also be monitored closely and must be repaired or replaced quickly when damage occurs.

Traps Are a Preferred Mosquito Equipment Type

mosquito magnet trap

A well-designed and constructed Mosquito Magnet® trap can offer a reliable season-long mosquito control solution. These traps work by releasing a steady and precise stream of carbon dioxide, warmth and moisture to attract mosquitoes. The patented Counterflow™ Technology then pulls them inside where they become trapped and die within 24 hours. One Mosquito Magnet® trap can cover an area as large as one acre.

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While the choice of mosquito control methods and mosquito equipment types isn’t necessarily an easy one, it’s comforting to know that there are many excellent options. Feel free to contact Mosquito Magnet® for a more in-depth mosquito control comparison.

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