Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - R-Octenol

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Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - R-Octenol

Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - R-Octenol

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  • Attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects
  • Ideal for Northern & Coastal US Regions
  • R-Octenol lasts 40% longer than regular Octenol
  • Operates on a 50ft power cord
  • Covers 1 acre & comes with 1 year warranty
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Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus Bundle - R-Octenol

R-Octenol is best used for:
  • Northern & Coastal US
  • Lasts 40% Longer
    (than regular Octenol)
R-Octenol Map

Purchasing a Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus bundle delivers value and convenience in your winning battle against mosquitoes. With this bundle get over 2 months of mosquito-free living.

The R-Octenol bundle includes:

Bundle Details:
Patriot Plus TrapTrap
R-Octenol AttractantAttractants

The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus is easy to setup and operate, so it's easier for you to relax and enjoy your yard free from mosquitoes. With over 15 patents and 2 decades of research, the technology contained in the Patriot is proven effective at breaking mosquito breeding cycles.

The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus trap protects up to one full acre of land and is backed by Mosquito Magnet's exclusive 360° Customer Support program, so you can confidently win your battle against mosquitoes. Heavy duty plastic and marine-grade materials make this trap ideal for even the harshest of environments.


Key Features:

1. Self-Contained Rigid Net

The Patriot Plus features a larger-than-ever insect net to allow for increased performance and reduced emptying frequency. It is specially-engineered to maximize unblocked airflow, which is a critical component of the trap’s performance. In addition, this net allows for effortless disposal and replacement without having to come in direct contact with dead insects. For optimum performance, you should change your net every 21 days.


2. Extra-long Power Cord

For your convenience, the Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus unit comes equipped with a 50-foot, 12-volt power cord. This handy feature allows for proper placement of your trap, so that it is separated from your outdoor living areas and adjacent to mosquito breeding and nesting areas. To properly secure your power cord, Patriot Plus comes with lawn clips which help to reduce the potentially hazardous conditions that could be caused by a loose cord in your lawn.


3. Quick and Easy Assembly

Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus trap requires very little assembly, making it easy to set up and operate. In just 3 quick steps, you’re ready to begin operating your trap! Once turned on, the trap begins immediately targeting your mosquito problem, with noticeable results in as little as 7-10 days. You should begin to see significant reduction in your mosquito population in just 4 weeks. Running your trap 24/7 in the beginning will help break the mosquito breeding cycle to produce the best results.


Increase Your Catch Rate With The Right 2-Month Accessory Bundle

Using the proper secondary attractant is proven to increase your mosquito catch rate by up to 10 times. These attractants lure mosquitoes to the trap by mimicking human skin scents and other natural odors.

Mosquito Magnet® attractants are the only brand to be EPA-registered and proven effective. This buying guide assists you in making the right decision based on your location and other factors.



R-Octenol Bundle

Viewing R-Octenol Bundle


The Mosquito Magnet® Advantage

CounterFlow™ Technology

Mosquito Magnet® traps are backed by over 20 years of research and 15 patents that make our traps technologically advanced.

Mosquito Magnet® traps work by mimicking the way humans attract mosquitoes. Through its exclusive patented CounterFlow™ technology the trap converts propane into CO2, mixes it with the precise level of heat, moisture and attractant to lure mosquitoes to the trap and then vacuums mosquitoes into the net where they dehydrate and die.

Watch How it Works Video


How It Works


Startup & Assembly


Patented Technology

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus Bundle - R-Octenol Specs

Product Features:

  • Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented Catalytic Converter – converts propane into carbon dioxide (CO2), heat, and moisture to simulate human presence
  • Features the Mosquito Magnet® patented CounterFlow™ Technology - emits a plume of CO2, heat, and moisture - attracts mosquitoes, keeping them away from people and pets within target area
  • The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus is ideal for large yards – covers 1 acre
  • Quick start-up. Operates 24 hours a day for optimal performance
  • Silent, odorless
  • Easy 3-step assembly. Includes 50ft power cord and lawn clips. Includes wheels to move unit
  • Heavy duty construction. All-weather performance
  • Self-contained net secures and eliminates interaction with insects and allows for easy disposal
  • Easy to maintain. Refill propane tank and replace attractant cartridge and net every 21 days
  • One-Year Warranty

What's in the Box:


Disclaimer: Mosquito Magnet® does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 6, 2019
Amazing! By sheryl

Amazing! Our home is set back 200 feet from the road, surrounded by the forest and ponds. We have just finished our 1st 21 days of running the Mosquito Magnet and we are so happy we made this purchase. Thousands of mosquito are in the basket - proof that it is truly working. We definitely recommend the Mosquito Magnet to people who are thinking about it.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 1, 2019
Great Product By DAM

These work very well and don't clog easily . We catch piles of skeeters down here in San Antone fourth year and magnet working great

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 30, 2019
It makes it so we can use our backyard again. By Mark
It makes it so we can use our backyard again.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 29, 2019
Do your research before paying so much!!! By Lk

The Mosquito Magnet makes big promises but for the price tag doesn’t deliver. I’ve had mine set up for almost three weeks. I have read the troubleshooting tips and am certain it’s set up correctly. The yield is so low and I’m very disappointed. Not much change in Mosquito activity especially at dusk when they really start biting. I have a “ zapper” on another part of our property and it works at a far greater rate for a fraction of the cost. Much more effective. I’m disappointed and recommend a thorough effort by anyone researching other devices before laying out such a large sum of money.

Response From Mosquito Magnet®
Jules : Consumer Relations Representative

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience! Your comments have been passed on to our Product Managers. We appreciate you providing this valuable feedback!

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 23, 2019
Good By Donna

Well it’s only been a week and the trap is filling up with mosquitoes and black flies. Still too early to see the final results but hopeful it’s going to do its job in the Maine Woods.

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 18, 2019
Great product By TheDane
It took some time to get it up and running (shipping and adapting to Denmark), but it is worth the trouble.
It have already caught so many mosquitoes, and we can go outside.
Review Rate
Review posted on
June 14, 2019
Awesome By Tom

I live on a brackish water canal in Florida. We have a real problem with noseeums. If you sit outside in the evening with calm winds they would eat you alive. Purchased mosquito Magnet 3 weeks ago. This machine caught and killed thousands of those bugger’s. No we can sit outside and not be bothered by them. We still get a few bites but as time goes by I’m sure the machine will eventually get all of them. The instructions say to put the mosquito magyin the shade but there is not much shade. Seems to work anyway. I honestly did not think this thing would work but it does. Well worth the expense.

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 5, 2019
Good By L

It is working well. However we had one for 4 summers and it quit, so they don’t seem to last too long.

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 5, 2019


Review Rate
Review posted on
June 5, 2019

When it works, it is truly a great machine. I have owned over 6 of these in the past several years, and like anything, sometimes there is mechanical failure, but the trouble-shooting guide is invaluable, as is the telephone support. And when nothing else works, the warranty allows one to send it to the company repair shop where it is returned to you good as new and working effectively. BOTTOM LINE, I WOULDN'T SURVIVE A SUMMER WITHOUT THESE BEAUTIES! Dan Davidson Concord, NH

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Q.I will be purchasing Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - R-Octenol. I understand that depending on where you live, you could use Lurex or Octenal. Which would be best to use in Iceland in Europe?

We recommend our Octenol or R-Octenol for Northern or coastal regions.

Q.I am considering purchasing the Patriot Plus & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - R-Octenol. I live in Maryland but not on the coast right outside of Baltimore. Which Mosquito Magnet (Octenol or Lurex) do I purchase? I have seen a couple of your maps and its hard to tell where the state of Maryland actually falls.

Great question! Maryland is an interesting place, as you not only have the Atlantic Ocean close by, but you also have the Chesapeak Bay right in your backyard, and you're on the cusp of the northern and southern regions of the US. When you aren't sure which attractant is best, we recommend deciding based on the mosquitoes rather than geography. We recommend our Octenol or R-Octenol for the night-biting mosquitoes. When fighting the day-biting mosquitoes, our Lurex3™ will typically provide better results. 

Q.I want to ship my mosquito magnet to my son's home.....what is the weight?

The trap weighs approximately 18 lbs.

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