The Latest in Mosquito Prevention Technology Has Arrived

The Latest in Mosquito Prevention Technology Has Arrived

Mosquitoes have been around a lot longer than modern technology. But ever since we invented the first fly swatter, we’ve been using technology to help keep mosquitoes at bay. Fortunately, technology has advanced well beyond the fly swatter and we now have the means to significantly control mosquitoes in an outdoor area.

Understand the Enemy

To defeat an enemy, you have to understand how the enemy works. It has taken many years, but we now understand exactly why mosquitoes find and bite our skin. Mosquitoes have specialized receptors that they use to detect carbon dioxide and skin odor. When we breathe, we process oxygen from the air and exhale carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes can then sense. Like a shark following a trail of blood in the water, mosquitoes follow the carbon dioxide molecules all the way to their victim. Then, based on additional chemical attractants, mosquitoes find a good landing spot on their victim and use their mouth (proboscis) to pierce the skin, seeking a capillary to feed from. Once they find a capillary, they begin consuming our blood.

Smart Technology Is the Enemy’s Offense

Once it was understood that mosquitoes found people by using chemical receptors, companies realized that they could sell a product that was successful in blocking these receptors, thereby “repelling” mosquitoes – which is how so many mosquito repellent products came to be. However, this approach has some pretty big drawbacks, as it’s limited to ideal outdoor conditions and may only work in a small, confined area. At Mosquito Magnet®, we take a different approach to mosquito control. Instead of creating a product that “repels” mosquitoes, our Patented CounterFlow™ Technology attracts – and traps – mosquitoes, eliminating them for good! We are big supporters of ever-evolving technology, and use technology to constantly improve our product. The latest improvement comes in the form of our top-of-the-line Commander Mosquito Magnet® trap, which features smart technology.

How the Commander Trap Works

Like all of our Mosquito Magnet® traps, the Commander trap emits a gas mixture of carbon dioxide and other mosquito attractants. Mosquitoes detect these attractants and fly to the trap. Once near the trap, the trap sucks them inside using a vacuum. The mosquitoes then die of dehydration inside the trap. The Commander offers versatility that you won’t find in other traps. First, the trap runs on rechargeable batters, so you can place the trap wherever is best for your situation without worrying about power cord. Secondly, the Commander uses Wi-Fi to keep you up-to-date on its performance. You can get updates on when you need to replace the propane tank or secondary attractant, and you’ll always know that your trap is operating at peak performance. What’s more, the Commander features smart technology. It can sense the outside temperature and regulate its power consumption appropriately. This may equate to more juice when the temperature is more conducive to mosquito activity, and more power saving when the temperature falls too low for mosquitoes to be a problem.

The Mosquito Magnet® Commander trap is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from you and your guests at outdoor events. The Commander can actually break the mosquito breeding cycle, and you’ll notice a significant reduction in mosquito activity on your property in less than one month. In addition, you’ll find the Commander can help clear an area as large as one acre — controlling an area this size isn’t possible with mosquito candles, nets, or other alternatives. For more information on the Mosquito Magnet® Commander trap, call us at 800-953-5737. We offer personalized customer service and a user-friendly operation manual and DVD with every trap purchase.


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