Repelling Mosquitoes in the Outdoors

Repelling Mosquitoes in the Outdoors

There’s nothing like an unexpected swarm of relentless, bloodsucking mosquitoes to ruin an otherwise fun-filled camping trip or outdoor excursion. These parasites aren't just annoying — they can also carry and transmit a variety of diseases that could jeopardize the health of you, your family and even your pets if you have brought them along. Mosquitoes thrive in deep woods and similar environments favored by campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You are especially vulnerable if you are camping near a source of standing water such as a pond or lake, as mosquitoes need these water sources to breed.

Repelling Mosquitoes in the Outdoors

The good news is that there are a number of steps you can take for repelling mosquitoes while camping. Here are a few effective campground mosquito control tips and techniques you can implement on your next trip:

  • Choose your campsite wisely – As mentioned, mosquitoes love water, so be sure to set up camp away from standing water sources. Also avoid areas near marshes, tall grass or grassy meadows, or spots near any type of thick, dense vegetation.
  • Keep the campfires burning – Another effective campground mosquito control technique is to build a campfire, assuming it’s permitted in your camping area. Not only will it keep you warm, but the smoke will also drive the mosquitoes away during the nighttime hours when their activity is at its highest.
  • Choose a high-quality tent – While you might enjoy roughing it by sleeping under the stars with nothing but your sleeping bag, you’ll need a tent for full outdoor mosquito protection. Be sure to select a tent with mesh vented windows and doors, with the mesh small enough to keep out mosquitoes. It’s also important to keep the tent zipped up and properly sealed at all times.
  • Dress for outdoor mosquito protection success – Believe it or not, the way you dress will also impact your ability to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker shades of blue and black, so wearing lighter, brighter colors is your best bet. Before you leave for your trip, wash the clothes you intend to wear in a strong-scented detergent and fabric softener, as these can serve as an effective mosquito repellent.
  • Burn citronella candles – Citronella-scented candles can sometimes be effective for deterring mosquitoes in smaller, confined areas. However, take extreme caution when using them inside a tent. You’ll also need to extinguish them before going to sleep to avoid the risk of fire, so they won’t offer much in the way of outdoor mosquito protection overnight.

Campground Mosquito Control Using a Mosquito Magnet® Trap

You can enjoy safe and reliable outdoor mosquito protection by taking a Mosquito Magnet® trap along on your trip. The trap works by releasing a precise and steady stream of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract mosquitoes. The patented Counterflow™ Technology then vacuums the pests into a net where they become trapped and die within 24 hours. Don’t let uninvited guests ruin your camping excursion. Taking the right preventive measures can ensure a fun, mosquito-free adventure in the great outdoors. Learn more about which mosquito methods work (and which don't!) by reading our Campsite Mosquito Control Guide!


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