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Mosquito Magnet Parts

Mosquito Magnet® Traps - Canada

If you live in Canada, you know that mosquitoes don’t just hang out in tropical climates! Fortunately, Mosquito Magnet® is available to help make Canadian mosquito control easy. Get the benefit of 24/7 protection against disease-carrying mosquitoes and other flying, biting pests for the entire outdoor season.


Get a Secondary Attractant Tailored to the Needs of Canadian Property Owners

A secondary attractant enables mosquitoes to more easily hone in on the trap, enhancing the success of your mosquito trapping efforts. Not all mosquito breeds are created equal, however, and neither are mosquito attractants. Buy a trap bundle customized to the mosquitoes found where you live to increase catch rate by as much as 10 times!


Use Octenol for Maximum Mosquito Control in Canada

Mosquito Magnet® trap bundles featuring Octenol are ideal for catching mosquitoes most commonly found in Canada. Octenol is an odorless EPA-registered substance that mimics human breath. It is a powerful attractant for luring mosquitoes, black flies and no-see-ums into your Mosquito Magnet® device, where they become trapped in a net and die of dehydration within 24 hours.

We offer Octenol in cartridges that can be easily inserted into the trap’s plume tube. Then, it’s precisely mixed with carbon dioxide, heat and moisture and then released into the atmosphere.


What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Mosquito Magnet® Trap Bundles?

One Octenol cartridge typically lasts for 21 days before needing to be replaced. By purchasing a Mosquito Magnet® trap bundle, you get the mosquito killing trap, as well as enough Octenol cartridges and other essential accessories to last for two months!

Bundling simplifies the maintenance process and reduces the possibility of running out of trap supplies when you need them the most. Bundling can also provide substantial cost savings when compared to purchasing the trap and accessories separately.


Three Mosquito Magnet® Traps Available in Canada

We currently offer three Mosquito Magnet® traps for sale in the Canadian market:

  • Patriot - Includes a 15-meter (50-foot) power cord for easy connection to an electrical outlet
  • Independence - Battery-powered operation for maximum placement flexibility
  • Executive - Cordless operation and fuel-saving Smart Technology

All traps can dramatically reduce the mosquito population over an area as large as one acre and are backed by a limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind. Our comprehensive 360° Customer Support is also available whenever you need it.


Order a Mosquito Magnet® in Canada Today

Don’t let biting mosquitoes ruin your outdoor activities and prevent you from enjoying your yard. Experience the best in Canadian mosquito control by ordering a Mosquito Magnet® trap or customized trap bundle today!



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