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Mosquito Magnet Executive, best mosquito trap for larger backyards

Mosquito Magnet® Independence

A Powerful Mosquito Killing System! Wouldn't it be great if there was an effective mosquito killing system that you didn't have to plug in? The cordless Independence mosquito trap runs on 4 'C' batteries, offering up to 1 acre of protection from mosquitoes & other biting insects. Because there is no power cord to plug in, this mosquito repeller alternative can be placed wherever you need it most!


A Mosquito “Eater” — Not a Mosquito Repeller!

Have you tried to keep mosquitoes away by using sprays, candles or homemade mosquito control remedies? These methods may provide limited mosquito control for a short amount of time, but the flying pests always seem to come back.

The Independence is not a repellent. It’s a powerful mosquito defense system that attracts, traps and kills flying pests. Instead of temporarily deterring mosquitoes, Independence will reduce the mosquito population on your property by disrupting their breeding cycle.


The Benefits of a Cordless Mosquito Machine

What makes the Independence an excellent choice as a mosquito killing system for larger yards is its cordless feature; you can place it close to mosquito breeding spots while keeping it far enough away from outdoor family activity areas. As a result, you'll reduce the chance of mosquitoes invading the areas where you want them the least!


A Mosquito Defense Machine That's Easy to Use

The one-button operation of the Independence trap makes it an easy to use mosquito repeller alternative. And because assembly is a snap, you'll be able to have the Independence up and running in virtually no time at all, providing you with 24/7 mosquito protection in your backyard. You'll begin to notice results in as little as 7-10 days, with significant mosquito reduction taking place in about a month.


The Independence Is Easy to Maintain

You won’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining your mosquito defense system. Routine maintenance is only required every 21 days and is simple. All you need to do is replace the mosquito net, secondary attractant cartridge and QuckClear cartridge (used to purge the propane tank nozzle). Then just refill the propane tank. Less maintenance means you’ll have more time to enjoy your mosquito-free yard!


Purchase Your Effective Mosquito Killing System Today

When it comes to mosquitoes, control of these harmful pests can be accomplished easily with a quality mosquito repeller alternative like the Independence mosquito eater machine! You can purchase the Independence separately or as part of a money-saving bundle that contains everything you need, including additional nets, secondary attractant and more.


Take back your yard from these relentless, disease-carrying pests. Get the Independence today!



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