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Mosquito Magnet® Independence & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - Lurex3

model #: B3200WEBLRX

 $651.99 Sale
$680 (4% off)
Product Details:
  • Attracts and captures Asian Tiger mosquitoes and other biting insects
  • Ideal for Southern US Regions
  • Battery-operated
  • Cover 1 acre - perfect for backyards and other large outside areas
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
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Mosquito Magnet® Independence & 2-Month Accessory Bundle - Lurex3


Purchasing a Mosquito Magnet® Independence bundle delivers value
and convenience in your winning battle against mosquitoes.


Green ArrowOver 2 months of mosquito-free living

Green Arrow10% savings over individually-purchased accessories

Green ArrowFree shipping


The Lurex™ bundle includes a Mosquito Magnet® Independence trap,
3 cartridges of our EPA-registered, high-performance Lurex3™ attractant, one cartridge of Octenol attractant, 3 Quick Clear
cartridges and 2 Mosquito Morgue™ Nets.

Lurex3™ Is Best Used For

Southern US Regions

Green ArrowAsian Tiger Mosquito

(transmits West Nile virus)

Lurex3 Map

The Mosquito Magnet® Independence Trap

The Mosquito Magnet® Independence is easy to setup and operate, so it's easier for you to relax and enjoy your yard free from mosquitoes. The Independence's one-touch operations is powered by 4 "C" batteries (not included) that will last for months of mosquito protection.


The Mosquito Magnet® Independence traps protects one full acre of land and is backed by Mosquito Magnet's 360 Degree Customer Support program, so you can confidently win your battle against mosquitoes. Heavy duty plastics and maring grade materials make this trap ideal for even the harshest environments.

  • Cordless Technology
    The Independence features upgraded technology that has been designed for the homeowner who needs to protect larger yards with up to a 1 acre area. This battery operated trap requires no external electrical power source, so no cords are required. This convenient feature allows for proper placement of the trap away from your outdoor living space, but still near mosquito breeding and resting areas.
At a Glance...

Green CheckmarkCordless Design

Green CheckmarkRuns on 4 "C"          Batteries

Green CheckmarkDrawstring Net

Green Checkmark1-Acre Coverage

Green Checkmark1-Year Warranty

Green Checkmark30-Day Easy Returns

Drawstring Mosquito Net
  • Convenient Drawstring Net
    The Independence's Mosquito Morgue™ Net is engineered to maximize unblocked airflow,which is critical to the performance of the trap.

    This net allows for easy disposal and replacement
    without requiring any direct contact with dead insects.
    Change net every 21 days for optimal trap performance.
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Choosing the Right Attractant
Using the proper secondary attractant is proven to increase your mosquito catch
rate by up to 10 times. These attractants lure mosquitoes to the trap by mimicking
human skin scents and other natural odors.


Mosquito Magnet® attractants are the only brand to be EPA-registered and proven
effective. This buying guide assists you in making the right decision based on your
location and other factors.

  • Northern & Coastal
    US Regions
  • Lasts 40% Longer
R-Octenol Map
r-octenol bundle
  • Northern & Coastal
    US Regions
  • Canada
Octenol Map
octenol bundle
  • Southern US Regions
  • Asian Tiger Mosquito
    (transmits West Nile virus)
Lurex3 Map
Viewing Lurex3™ Bundle
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Choosing the Right Mosquito Magnet® Trap
See Full Comparison Chart

Commander Trap

Executive Trap

Independence Trap

Patriot Trap
  • Wireless Enabled
  • Customizable
See the Commander red arrow
  • Cordless
  • "Smart" Technology

See the Executive red arrow
  • Cordless
  • Runs on 4 "C"
Mosquito Icon
Viewing the Independence
  • 50' Power Cord
  • Easy 3-step
See the Patriot red arrow
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The Mosquito Magnet® Advantage
  • CounterFlow™ Technology
    Mosquito Magnet® traps are backed by over 20 years of research and 15
    patents that make our traps technologically advanced.

    Mosquito Magnet® traps work by mimicking the way humans attract
    mosquitoes. Through its exclusive patented CounterFlow™ technology the
    trap converts propane into CO2, mixes it with the precise level of heat,
    moisture and attractant to lure mosquitoes to the trap and then vacuums
    mosquitoes into the net where they dehydrate and die.

    Watch How it Works Video Red Arrow
  • Consistent 24/7 Mosquito Protection

    As the #1 mosquito trap in America, Mosquito Magnet® has a big reputation to live up to. We pride ourselves on being the only long-term solution that is scientifically proven to effectively control mosquitoes. But what really matters is what people who have used Mosquito Magnet® have to say [or better yet show] about our products. Check out these photo testimonials from actual trap owners and discover how a Mosquito Magnet® can help you put mosquitoes in their place.
Testimonial Collage
Population Image
  • Easy Assembly

    Mosquito Magnet® traps are truly easy-to-set and operate. Assembling is done in just 3 quick steps. Once started, your trap will begin working immediately with noticeable results in 7-10 days. Allow a 4-week time frame to see significant reduction in your mosquito population. For optimal results, run your trap 24 hours a day initially in order to break the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes.

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customer service
  • Reliable, 360 Degree Customer Service

    Questions? Need Help? No Problem!
    Shop with Confidence - Our 360 Degree Customer Support Program is your
    first line of defense! We are dedicated to providing superior consumer care
    three different ways - by phone, online and in person.
phone icon
By Phone - 1-800-953-5737
Our Mosquito Magnet® consumer care representatives have undergone extensive training to answer all questions regarding our products; including those related to trap placement, start up and maintenance & storage.
phone icon
Online - MosquitoMagnet.com
Check our with a Mosquito Magnet expert.
phone icon
In Person - Certified Service Centers & Dealers
Our In-Warranty and Out-Of -Warranty service is supported through
our local Certified Service Centers located throughout the U.S.
These Certified Service Centers have undergone extensive training
to be authorized to support this product line.

Find a Certified Service Center near you Red Arrow
All About...

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

mosquitomagnet.com mosquito-borne diseasesMany people believe that mosquitoes are simply annoying insects that bite and leave an itchy bump that will simply disappear in a few days.  What they don't realize is that these tiny pests can carry deadly diseases that cause thousands of illnesses and deaths each year.  With the increase in international travel, no one is immune.


Dengue»West Nile Virus»  |  Arborviral Encephalitides»

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