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Mosquito Magnet Parts

Liberty Trap Parts

If you already use a Mosquito Magnet® Liberty trap to prevent the invasion of disease-carrying flying pests like yellow fever mosquitoes in your yard, you’ve likely experienced much more pleasant outdoor living conditions. You’ve also discovered that the Liberty is a safe and effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay throughout the season. But how can you be sure your Liberty will keep on killing mosquitoes for years to come? The best way is to perform regular routine maintenance, including replacing any worn-out Liberty trap parts.


What Liberty Trap Parts Are Available for Purchase?

Many Liberty trap parts can be purchased below via our online store. These include the extra-long 50-ft. Power Cord to ensure you can place your trap where you need it most. To keep your power cord in place, you can order a supply of Mosquito Magnet® Lawn Clips. The Gas Reset Tool with Pin is essential for improving the gas flow from the propane tank through the regulator. We also provide free ground shipping for all Liberty trap parts orders exceeding $64.99!


Another Convenient Liberty Trap Parts Resource

If you do not see the Independence trap replacement parts you need, please go to the Mosquito Magnet® Repair Centerclosest to you. To find a location, simply fill in your zip code. You can also search based on your state of residence.



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