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Recommended Links

There are many other sites committed to providing you with valuable mosquito information.  These are the ones we especially recommend ...



General Information


American Mosquito Control Association

The American Mosquito Control Association’s website is filled with excellent information on mosquitoes and their control.



Tiny Mosquito

Tiny Mosquito website has a lot of interesting and informative content.



Ohio State University Extension

The Ohio State University Extension has excellent articles on a large variety of topics.  This general mosquito info is very informative.



University of Florida’s IFAS Extension

The University of Florida’s IFAS Extension website has detailed information about the mosquito.



University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture

The University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture has a very well written article titled, “Mosquitoes: Practical Advice for Homeowners.”



Discover Magazine

Discover magazine’s fascinating look at mosquitoes.



Suburban Cylinder Express

Delivers fully inspected & tested propane tanks for your Mosquito Magnet® trap every 19 days.



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