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FAQs - Biting Insects

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Find immediate answers to commonly asked questions about midges (otherwise known as gnats), such as how to get rid of gnats, do female midges bite and more.









Q:      When I hang laundry outside in the summer, large swarms of tiny
           flies gather on the clothes and I have to re-wash them!  What are


A: If they look like tiny mosquitoes but do not bite you, they are most likely non-biting midges.  They don’t carry disease but they can be extremely annoying, as they persist in flying around our heads in swarms.  The biggest problem with them seems to be in the loss of tourism dollars for those areas that are invaded by hordes of these pesky insects.


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Q:      How do we get rid of midges?  We cannot sit outside and enjoy
          our yard and pond, they are so dense at times!


A: It is really next to impossible to use sprays or insecticides to control these pests.  Using a mosquito trap that uses CO2 as an attractant will help by drawing the midges to the trap and away from you. Note that the life of a Mosquito Magnet® trap may be impacted if consistently used in areas with dense populations of midges. Proper trap maintenance is especially important in these areas.


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Q:     Do female midges bite like female mosquitoes do?


A: No, female midges do not bite.  They do not need human or mammalian blood for their eggs to develop, while female mosquitoes do.


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