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Diseases No-See-Ums Carry and Transmit


You may not always be able to see “no see ums,” but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause significant damage.  Although only about one third the size of their mosquito cousins, these tiny pests are relentless when attempting to attach themselves to animal or human hosts to dine on their blood. But do No-See-Ums carry diseases, just like mosquitoes? The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”.


Do No-See-Ums Transmit Diseases?

In addition to carrying diseases, no-see-ums can likewise transmit them through biting. But do no-see-ums transmit diseases to humans? While not all varieties of no-see-ums carry diseases, the bites of some types, particularly in tropical regions, can cause chronic conditions such as phlebotomus and leishmaniasis, which are difficult to cure. Filarial worms can also result from No-See-Um bites.


Do No-See-Ums Carry Diseases That Can Result in Fatalities?

In general, the diseases carried by no-see-ums do not result in fatalities, although with some of the afflictions they cause, symptoms can reoccur over a period of many years. And what makes them so difficult to stop is that because of their small size, they can even fit through screens like the type commonly used in screen doors and windows. The use of an effective trap for no see ums is often the best way to thwart these pests. Note that the life of a Mosquito Magnet® trap may be impacted if consistently used in areas with dense populations of No-See-Ums. Proper trap maintenance is especially important in these areas.

Have More Questions?

We have tried to compile a library of frequently asked questions such as “Do no see-ums-transmit diseases?” and their respective answers below.











Q:      Do No-See-Ums carry West Nile Virus?


A: No, they do not carry West Nile Virus.  Currently only mosquitoes are known to carry the disease.





Q:      What diseases do No-See-Ums carry?


A: In some countries, particularly in tropical regions, these insects can be transmitters of parasites and diseases such as filarial worms in humans and bluetongue virus in livestock.


Bluetongue results in more than $120 million dollars in financial loss in the livestock industry each year.


No-See-Ums can also transmit Hemorrhagic Disease to white-tailed deer.





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