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FAQs - The Dangers of Mosquitos

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We have tried to compile a library of frequently asked questions and their respective answers







Q:     Do Non-Biting Midges transmit diseases to people?


A: No, they don’t transmit diseases, but they sure can be annoying when they fly around people’s heads in swarms!


There have been some recent studies, however, which theorize that non-biting midges may play a role in the spread of cholera by carrying cholera bacteria to bodies of water including ponds, lakes and other water bodies.  Further research is needed to confirm this.


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Q:     Do Non-Biting Midges transmit diseases to animals?


A: No, they are not known to be transmitters, or vectors, of disease to animals.


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Q:     Are these insects dangerous in any way to humans or animals?


A: They have been known to get in the ears, eyes, noses, and mouths of both people and animals.  In some cases, the Non-Biting Midge can be responsible for allergic afflictions.


In addition, roads along lakes or rivers in some locations can be so fully swathed in non-biting midges that they become quite slick, occasionally leading to accidents.


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