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Watch our newest TV commercial and, in just 30 seconds, you'll know why a Mosquito Magnet® mosquito trap is your key to enjoyable backyard entertaining.

Mosquito Magnet is the #1-selling, long-term solution scientifically proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes. Nothing works better. Backed by 18 years of research and more than 15 patents, Mosquito Magnet features patented Counterflow™ technology that releases a continuous stream of carbon dioxide (CO2) to lure mosquitoes and then 'vacuums' them into a net where they dehydrate and die.

Nice, simple, and deadly effective!
Unlike our frenzied TV family, make sure mosquitoes don't crash your backyard outings, deck parties or poolside get togethers. Put mosquitoes in their place with Mosquito Magnet!
Our line of mosquito control products includes the Executive model, our
best mosquito trap. Features include:
  • Cordless and 'Smart Technology'
  • Easy-to-read LCD panel
  • Creates up to 1-acre
Patented Counterflow Technology
Our product is so inventive and so amazingly unique that we
have more than 15 patents on our Mosquito Magnet technologies!
You look delicious in that floral print.
Watch what you wear this summer. Clothing in certain colors and prints attracts mosquitoes more so than others. Beiges, whites and khakis attract biting pests the least, while dark colors and deep floral prints, which retain more of your body heat, tend to scream, 'Please alight and bite.'
Read more about the affect of clothing colors on mosquitoes here and here.