Questions about Mosquito Magnet® Octenol Attractant - 6 Pack


Q.Does this work on the all the models? Looking at the Independence 3200 at the moment.

Yes, the attractants can be used with any of our traps.

Q.Does the box have a production date on it.

The box does not have a manufacture or expiration date. An unopened lure can last for up to 3 years.

Q.Is the only difference between Octenol and Octenol-R that the latter lasts a month rather than just 21 days?

Yes. Because R-Octenol lasts for 30 days, it is ideal for Executive Trap owners running their trap on Mode 4, as the propane tank also lasts 30 days in this mode.

Q.How long do these last - can we store "leftovers" until next year?

Yes, unopened lures have a shelf life of 3 years.