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The Importance of Proper Seasonal Maintenance on Your Mosquito Magnet® Mosquito Trap

The Commander

Proper Maintenance on your Mosquito Magnet is Important!

Your Mosquito Magnet® mosquito trap is built to last many seasons, keeping mosquitoes at bay while you enjoy your yard! That’s why proper seasonal maintenance and storage is so important. Just like a car needs routine maintenance to keep you on the road, your mosquito trap needs love and care to keep catching mosquitoes for years to come.

Mosquito Trap Maintenance

Following the 21-day maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure efficiency and a good catch. To keep on-track, you can download our maintenance schedule and fill-in the dates on which you do each task. Alternatively, mark out 21 day cycles on your calendar.

Attractants: The catch rate will be reduced if the attractant is not changed every 21 days (for Lurex and Octenol customers). While the cartridge may look the same, the lure has been released over the course of the cycle and will no longer give off the scent that attracts mosquitoes.

Quick-Clear Valve: Your Mosquito Magnet® has a Quick-Clear Valve which should be used to clean the nozzle after every propane tank refill. Quick-Clear Cartridges help to clean out the line to keep propane flowing freely to your trap.

Nets: Nets should be changed – especially if torn or damaged in any way. Even during lower mosquito-activity months, nets are still going to collect dust and pollen, prohibiting airflow.

Propane: Regularly refill your propane tank – it is recommended that you do not use a tank-swapping service, but rather have your tank refilled by an authorized propane dealer.

Cleaning: Check inside the vents, making sure that no bugs or other debris have clogged these areas. Keeping the vent clean will ensure maximum airflow. Also be sure to wipe down the exterior surfaces of the trap with a damp cloth.

Proper Storage

When mosquito season comes to an end and it’s time to pack away your Mosquito Magnet®, follow these steps to be sure that your trap is ready-to-go next season:

  1. Power down the Mosquito Magnet® and turn off and disconnect the regulator from the propane tank.
  1. Seal the regulator in its own plastic bag to prevent dirt and debris from clogging it during storage.
  1. Disconnect the battery from your mosquito trap and store in a separate plastic bag. NOTE: Only Executive and Commander models have rechargeable batteries. If you have the Independence trap, remove the four C-cell batteries and dispose.
  1. Use the Quick-Clear Valve and cartridges to clear out the propane line before storage.
  1. Cover your mosquito trap to keep insects from hibernating inside and clogging the funnel or fans. This will also prevent dust and moisture from accumulating in the trap.
  1. Store your mosquito trap in a garage or shed to protect it from the elements. Be sure to remove and dispose of any attractants left over in your trap.

Follow the above best practices to keep your Mosquito Magnet® in ship-shape for years to come! Don’t forget to sign up for our e-Newsletter to receive exclusive deals and sales!

How to Store Your Mosquito Magnet® Trap


If you’re like most Mosquito Magnet® owners, your trap has served you well. Provided you set up and ran your trap this summer, you undoubtedly noticed a significant reduction in the mosquito population on your property over the course of the season. With a Mosquito Magnet® trap, you don’t have to worry about applying chemical pesticides or trying out a wide variety of largely ineffective home remedies to enjoy a mosquito-free yard.

As a Mosquito Magnet® owner, you also probably understand the importance of timely maintenance to keep your trap up and running. Conscientious trap owners follow a mosquito trap schedule that includes replacing the nets and cartridges at regular intervals and making sure the propane tank is always full.

Since you typically don’t have to worry about mosquitoes in winter – unless you live in warmer southern climates – the time to store your trap is almost here. We recommend storing your trap in a garage or shed and protecting it with a cover. Mosquito Magnet® covers are available for purchase should you need a replacement cover for your trap or propane tank.

Be sure to order the cover that is designed for your specific trap model. Leaving your trap outdoors without a cover makes it vulnerable to the cold, ice and snow. Insects or rodents could also damage an uncovered trap that you store in a garage or shed.

MM3300_1Perform Some Mosquito Trap Seasonal Maintenance Prior to Storage

Prior to putting your trap away for the winter, it’s a good idea to do a little preventive maintenance to ensure it’s ready to go when the warm weather arrives again next spring. Be sure your trap is turned off, and then execute the following steps:

  • Turn off the regulator and remove it from the propane tank.
  • Place your regulator in a plastic bag and seal it tightly so it doesn’t get damaged by dirt, debris and insects over the winter.
  • If you own a Liberty Plus or 2004 Pro & Pro Plus model, disconnect and remove the battery, and then place it inside a sealed plastic bag.
  • Many Mosquito Magnet® models are equipped with a Quick-Clear valve, which helps to clear the contaminants that can accumulate in the fuel line. This valve is located on the back of your trap. Perform preventive Quick-Clear valve maintenance prior to storing your trap for the winter by inserting a Quick-Clear cartridge. This can prevent the fuel line from clogging over the winter.
  • Place the Mosquito Magnet® cover over your trap and ensure it fits snugly and securely.

Please note that these mosquito trap seasonal maintenance tips apply to Mosquito Magnet® models in general. Check your trap’s user’s manual for specific maintenance and storage tips.

Starting Your Trap in the Spring

Assuming you followed all of the storage and maintenance instructions listed above, your trap should be ready to begin luring, capturing and killing mosquitoes again once the warm weather arrives. Just remember to insert a new secondary attractant cartridge, replace the net if necessary, and make sure you have a full propane tank ready. Check your model’s product manual to find easy step-by-step start-up instructions.

Have Questions About Storing Your Mosquito Magnet®? Helpful Resources Are Available!

You can find answers to many of your trap storage questions by consulting the product manual that came with your trap. Our world-class 360 Customer Support team is also available to assist you whenever you need help. Prompt answers to your questions are available online, by telephone or by filling out and submitting our convenient contact form. Should your trap require service prior to storage, take it to the nearest certified Mosquito Magnet® dealer in your area.

How to Clean Your Trap

How To Clean Your How to Clean Your Mosquito Magnet® Trap

Using a Mosquito Magnet® trap on a 24/7 basis throughout the mosquito season can result in a significant reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Mosquito Magnet® is the top long-term solution that is scientifically proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes, black flies, midges, no-see-ums and other flying pests.

As with most mechanical devices, proper and timely routine care is essential for keeping your trap in peak operating condition and maximizing your catch rate. The following information will show you how to clean mosquito traps easily and efficiently.

Using the Quick Clear Valve

Perhaps the most important Mosquito Magnet® cleaning task is the regular use of the Quick Clear valve. This valve has been installed on all Mosquito Magnet® models produced since 2003, and it is used to clean out built-up propane contaminants in the fuel line that could eventually cause the nozzle to clog and ultimately lead to trap failure.

The valve should be used after the first propane tank change of the season and every two tank changes thereafter. In areas where “dirty” propane gas is prevalent, meaning the propane provider has not thoroughly filtered the gas, the valve should be used after every tank change. A new Quick Clear cartridge, the carbon dioxide-filled cylinder that is inserted into the valve to flush the gas line, should be employed with each valve usage.

Keeping the Side Vents Clear

Another important mosquito trap cleaning task is the regular checking of the device’s side vents. These vents can become clogged with dead bugs, which may inhibit air flow and reduce the trap’s vacuuming ability. To perform this mosquito trap cleaning function, simply remove the vents from the trap and wipe away any bugs that are stuck to the sides with a cloth.

Install a Clean Net Every 21 Days

Proper Mosquito Magnet® cleaning also involves changing the mosquito net on a regular basis, as a clogged net can prevent additional mosquitoes from being captured and killed. For best results, install a new, clean net every 21 days, although you may need to change the net more frequently during the peak of the mosquito season.

Try changing the net when it becomes at least half full. Check the net regularly for tears or other damage.

How to Clean Your Mosquito Magnet® Trap

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Trap

Exterior mosquito trap cleaning can be done quickly and easily. Regular cleaning will keep your trap free of dirt and debris, so it won’t become an eyesore in your yard. You can clean your trap simply by wiping it down with clean water and a damp cloth.

Stock Up on Mosquito Trap Cleaning Accessories and Save Money in the Process

Use these Mosquito Magnet® cleaning tips to enjoy a mosquito-free yard throughout the year. To ensure you never run out of mosquito trap cleaning accessories such as nets and Quick Clear cartridges, sign up for one of our Subscribe & Save programs. Enjoy the benefits of automatic shipments along with substantial cost savings!

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mosquito magnet net subscribe and save program

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mosquito magnet net subscribe and save program

What Do Your Get With Your Mosquito Magnet® Rewards Program?

As a Subscribe & Save member, you will receive a regular shipment that includes three Mosquito Attractants, three Mosquito Morgue™ Nets and three Quick Clear Cartridges. As part of routine trap maintenance, each of these vital accessories should be replaced approximately every three weeks to ensure your Mosquito Magnet® trap remains operating at peak efficiency. Your shipment will arrive at your doorstep every nine weeks, so you’ll never have to worry about having accessories on hand when you need them!

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How Do I Become a Mosquito Magnet® Rewards Member?

Taking advantage of our Subscribe & Save programs is so easy! To get started, use the convenient Subscribe & Save Buying Guide to help you select the program that makes the most sense for you. Then click on the specific program description, and place your order at our safe and secure online store. We take care of everything else for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a mosquito-free home throughout the season.

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Spring, Summer & Mosquito Season

spring summer mosquito swarm

If you’re like most people, you don’t even think about mosquito control until the hot weather arrives. However, the true mosquito season begins much earlier. Mosquitoes will begin to appear and bite as soon as the temperature rises above 50° F. As a result, your mosquito control efforts, including mosquito trap placement, should commence well before the onset of the summer season.

When Do Mosquitoes Lay Eggs, and When Do Mosquitoes Hatch?

A mosquito begins its life as an egg laid by a female mosquito in standing water. Many mosquito species will begin to lay a batch of 200-300 eggs as soon as the temperature reaches the 50° F level. Most eggs hatch into larvae within 48 hours, then move on to the pupae and adult stages.

Depending on the species and temperature, the cycle from egg to adult is typically completed in 10-14 days. Mosquito breeding tends to become more prolific as the weather gets hotter, although some species lay eggs at the end of the season that can survive the winter and hatch in the spring.

The Importance of Early Mosquito Trap Placement

Using a Mosquito Magnet® trap will help to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle and dramatically reduce the mosquito population on your property throughout the season. While the trap will begin to lure, capture and kill mosquitoes immediately, it takes approximately four weeks to break the breeding cycle. For best results, initial mosquito trap placement should occur at the very beginning of the true mosquito season: when the temperature rises above the 50° F level.

Useful Mosquito Trap Placement Tips

mosquito magnet trap placement


Proper mosquito trap placement will greatly enhance the bug-catching benefits provided by your Mosquito Magnet®. At the beginning of the season, place your trap near a source of standing water or close to dense vegetation or bushes.

Thoroughly inspect your property to remove as many sources of standing or stagnant water as possible to make it less inviting to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay their eggs, so get rid of old tires, open containers, coffee cups or anything else that can collect water.

Should You Move Your Trap?

As the weather gets hotter and you and your family begin to spend more time outdoors, you may need to relocate your trap. Choose a spot between the breeding ground and the areas where people gather on your property, keeping it at least 30-40 feet away from human activity.

Mosquitoes are not fond of direct sunlight, so pick a spot that remains shaded during the heat of the day. Mosquitoes travel upwind in search of a meal, so if the wind patterns are known to shift in your region, you may need to move your trap from time to time to ensure it remains upwind from the breeding area.

Use this information about mosquito breeding and mosquito trap placement to keep flying pests away, from the start of the season until the end!