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How Mosquitoes Bite

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Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world, killing more than 1 million people per year. These stealthy creatures bite us and fly off, and we don’t even know they’ve attacked until the itch begins. Sometimes they leave behind a deadly parasite or virus. We’ve all been bitten by mosquitoes, some more than others, but do we really understand what is happening when this pest is biting us? Mosquitoes are far more complex than most people give them credit for.  Often called a flying syringe, the mosquito uses its proboscis to drink blood from an unassuming animal, which seems like a simple idea, but did you know that the proboscis is actually an intricate system of different pieces?

How Mosquitoes Bite, Mosquito Mouthparts
Illustration of head appendages from the Southern house mosquito.” Copyright © 2015 Choo, Buss, Tan and Leal. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).  Front Physiol. 2015; 6: 306. Published online 2015 Oct 29. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2015.00306

Mosquito Mouthparts Explained

Proboscis: (Fig. 2) The exterior feeding structure of the mosquito is known as the proboscis. In mosquitoes this feature is made of several different parts.

Stylet: Stylet is the term for the mouthparts which actually pierce and enter the skin; maxillae, mandibles, labrum, hypopharynx.

Fascicle: The term for a collection of stylets. In this case, it is comprised of: a pair of maxillae, a pair of mandibles, the labrum and hypopharynx.

Labium: (Fig 1. grey) The labium is the outer sheath of the proboscis. This sheath folds back as the fascicle enters the flesh of the victim.

Labella: The tip of the labium contains two sensory probes, called labella, which aid the mosquito in its search for a good place to bite. This part, in conjunction with the labium, could also be described as the lips of the mosquito, which remain outside of the skin of its prey, while the fascicle is inserted beneath the skin.

Maxillae: (Fig. 1 Mx/red) Maxillae are serrated structures used to saw through the skin – you don’t feel the sawing action because they’re so sharp and so small. A mosquito’s mouth is an elongated version of a typical insect mouth. In ants, for instance, this part would be what is used to chew through leaves.

Mandibles: (Fig. 1 M/dark green) While the maxillae go to work sawing through the skin, the mandibles hold the tissues apart. Imagine eating a steak: one hand (mandible) is holding the fork, while the other hand (maxillae) is using a knife to slice through the meat.

Labrum: (Fig. 1 blue)The labrum acts as a probe, searching for a blood vessel beneath the skin. Receptors in the labrum can detect blood, as if following a scent, leading it directly to the closest blood vessel. Once it finds and pierces a vessel, the gutter-shaped labrum sucks in the blood with the help of the hypopharynx. In this video you can see the labrum probing and, ultimately, finding a blood vessel.

Hypopharynx: (Fig. 1 light green) Working in tandem with the labrum, the hypopharynx lays on the labrum to create a straw-like structure. The hypopharynx begins pumping saliva into the victim as soon as the fascicle pierces the skin to stave off our immune response, lubricate the proboscis, keep blood from coagulating and dilate our blood vessels.  This piece could be thought of as the tongue of the mosquito.

How do Mosquitoes Find you?

Female mosquitoes are looking for a blood meal in order to properly form her eggs. In order to detect a proper blood meal, females are equipped with special structures called cpA neurons, these nerve cells have a receptor that detects carbon dioxide and skin odorants such as perspiration and lactic acid. Additionally, the mosquito is attracted to heat and infrared light. It is the combination of all of these factors that leads the mosquito to a successful bite.

Mosquito biting, mosquito bite, how mosquitoes bite

The Bite

A typical mosquito bite begins with the female mosquito landing and probing with the labella to find a perfect spot. When she has found the right place to bite, she sinks her fascicle into the skin while the hypopharynx pumps out saliva. The labrum begins probing for a blood vessel. Once a blood vessel is found, the hypopharynx lays on the labrum creating a tube which pulls in blood and fills the mosquito’s abdomen. The blood is filtered within the mosquito, separating the water from the red blood cells – the water is then expelled from the rear end so that she can get the maximum amount of nutrition from the blood. This step allows a mosquito to ingest about five to ten times more nutrients than it would have with unfiltered blood. If you’re ready to watch the mosquito in-action, here’s a great video from PBS that explains how these mouthparts all work together.

Fun Fact: Inside of the stomach of the mosquito there is a nerve that indicates when the stomach is filled. If that nerve were to shut down, the mosquito would not stop drinking and burst from the pressure.

Myth Busted: No, you cannot make a mosquito explode by flexing a muscle.  The theory is that you can trap the proboscis in your arm or leg by flexing a muscle, which stops the mosquito from leaving, forcing it to keep drinking until it explodes. This is absolutely not true (PDF).

Why it Itches

If you have never been bitten by a mosquito before, your immune system will not have developed antibodies devoted to fighting the foreign chemicals in mosquito saliva, so you won’t have an itch. However, once this has occurred, your immune system responds to the bite with histamines meant to attack and destroy the foreign chemicals left behind by the mosquito. The histamines make cells in the blood vessels spread apart, causing fluids to leak out into the skin, and these extra fluids cause a bump. The bump triggers other receptors and leads to itching. If bitten enough times, like those who feed mosquitoes in a lab, the immune system response becomes so strong that you may stop developing itchy bumps altogether.

Disease Transmission

Not only does the potent mosquito saliva keep us from detecting the mosquito’s presence by stopping our immune response, this is also how the unwitting creature spreads diseases. Since its saliva thins the blood, it makes it easier for a virion (complete viral particle) in the saliva to hop into our blood stream and infect our body. Malaria can get all the way to the liver within 20 minutes of being injected into our systems.

Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Now that you know more about how the mouthparts of a mosquito work, you’re likely thinking about how to keep them far, far away from you. Experts recommend using repellents, covering all skin, eliminating standing water around the house and setting traps to decrease populations of mosquitoes in your immediate area.

Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps use the mosquito’s own biology against it. The trap emits carbon dioxide, combined with a lure that mimics body odors to attract the mosquitoes. Once they come close, they are sucked up by the patented CounterFlow™ technology into the trap where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer chances for a mosquito to sink its 6 needle-like mouthparts into your skin.

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Mosquito Spray Treatment vs. Mosquito Traps

Mosquito Treatment vs Mosquito Traps

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, you may soon realize there are some not-so-great parts about heading out into the big, wide world. Whether you’re trying to grill outside, relax in a hammock or take a (literal) hike, you just might find that annoying, whining buzz following you.

There are about 176 species of mosquitoes in the United States and these insects kill 50 thousand times more people than sharks do. They’re considered major disease carriers, transmitting malaria, the West Nile virus and other potentially fatal diseases. They’re also pests, getting in the way of outdoor activities, causing painful bites, and even causing injuries to animals and livestock.

So how do we get rid of these pests?

Mosquito treatment companies sometimes advocate lawn mosquito spray solutions for customers, but today many homeowners are concerned about chemicals and the environmental impact of insecticides. Another mosquito treatment you could consider is the mosquito trap, which reduces the numbers of mosquitoes to slow breeding.

A Quick Look at Spray Lawn Mosquito Treatment

Lawn Mosquito Treatment

Lawn spray treatments basically spray your property with an insecticide. A spray mosquito treatment for your yard will usually involve an evaluation of your property and regular sprayings of your property. You will need to keep paying and keep arranging for spraying appointments for this treatment to remain effective.

Spray methods are a common way of getting rid of mosquitoes because they’re effective and generally affordable. They also have been around for a long time, so people have gotten used to this type of insect control. Sprays are also convenient and can cover big areas of land, which is why they’re often used in city-wide or region-wide mosquito control programs.

This approach is not without its problems. Insecticides, as their name suggests, are designed to kill. They’re designed to kill insects specifically, but can also pose risks to humans, pets and other animals. Insecticides also don’t discriminate. If you have beneficial insects in your yard — like ladybugs, butterflies or honey bees — insecticides will generally harm them, too. Many homeowners feel uncomfortable treating their properties with chemicals.

What’s in the Spray?

Depending on your property, a company may use larvicides — used to kill eggs, larvae and young mosquitoes — or adulticides — used to kill adult mosquitoes. In some cases, both are used. Common chemicals and compounds used include:

1) Pyrethrins

These compounds have been approved for use and are considered “relatively” safe. They have also been proven to be effective. These compounds work by affecting the nervous system of mosquitoes, paralyzing the insects to kill them.

The labels for these compounds indicate the compounds can be dangerous if they are inhaled and ask that birds, pets, and other animals be removed from the vicinity before spraying. Pyrethrins have been linked to skin irritation and respiratory irritation. In studies involving rats and dogs, even low doses administered over time affected the liver, thyroid and respiratory tissue of the animals. Pyrethrins have also shown to be very toxic to honey bees and fish — they have an environmental impact.

2) Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)

Bt is a microbe used as a toxin in some insecticides. When insect larvae are sprayed with this insecticide, the toxins damage their gut and eventually cause death. There are different strains of Bt, and some are designed to be especially toxic to mosquitoes. Studies have suggested Bt can cause allergic reactions, and some strains have proven to be toxic to honey bees.

3) Permethrin

Used to treat 9 to 10 million acres each year in the United States, Permethrin is one of the most common mosquito control insecticides used. It is affordable and effective. However, it can cause skin irritation and at high doses can lead to dizziness, nausea and even coma.

In addition to active ingredients, many pesticides contain other chemicals and substances to make the insecticides more effective. For example, one of the most common additions to many insecticide products is piperonyl butoxide, which prevents active ingredients from breaking down in the mosquitoes’ body and allows the insecticides to work. Unfortunately, while effective and considered safe by some, piperonyl butoxide has been labeled a group C carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Misting Machines

Since some homeowners don’t like the idea of paying for repeated spraying of their property, some companies have created mosquito spray machines. These misting systems spray out mosquito insecticides at specific intervals. The American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) has expressed concern over these insecticide solutions because they may increase exposure to insecticides and there’s no hard data to suggest they work.

Mosquito Misting Systems

Non-Spray Natural Mosquito Treatment: Is it as Effective?

Since some people are uncomfortable with the warning labels and potential risks of insecticides, a number of companies have created “natural” insect repellants. It’s important to keep in mind that products containing natural ingredients such as citronella won’t reduce the number of mosquitoes around you. These products are not harmful to mosquitoes — they claim to keep insects from approaching you, and whether they work is a matter of some debate. Some studies have concluded that citronella, for example, is not as effective as DEET-based products.

Natural doesn’t always mean risk-free. Plenty of irritants in the natural world — like Poison Ivy and the Deadly Nightshade — are completely natural. Plants and plant-based products can still cause allergic reactions and adverse reactions. In addition, some companies add chemicals to their natural-based products, so always read labels carefully and follow instructions.

Mosquito Traps

If you want to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, you need something besides repellants. If you don’t want to use insecticides, there is another solution: mosquito traps. Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps work by attracting and then killing mosquitos. When it’s time for a female mosquito to feed (only female mosquitoes bite), mosquitoes find a host in three ways:

1) By sight. Mosquitoes are sometimes drawn to movement.

2) By heat. Animals and humans emit body heat (also known as infra-red radiation) and mosquitoes can detect this.

3) By chemistry. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and other chemicals we emit (including lactic acid).

In other words, mosquitoes don’t fly up to you because you’re human. It’s nothing personal: It’s because you’re sending out the right signals, indicating you’re a creature with blood. Mosquito traps capitalize on this idea.

Mosquito traps reduce the total number of mosquitoes on your property, working to reduce your risk of bites. They also reduce the number of female mosquitoes reproducing. This is important, since a female mosquito can produce more than 400 million offspring in one season — and that number assumes 75 percent of her eggs, larvae and young are killed.

Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps have more than 18 years of research behind them and studies have shown they are effective. Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps convert propane into CO2 and combine it with a carefully selected dose of heat, moisture and a secondary attractant to attract mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes approach the trap, they are whisked away by a vacuum into a net. They dehydrate and die within 24 hours, however it may take up to four weeks to disrupt the mosquito reproduction cycle.

Benefits of Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps offer considerable benefits:

  • They are not toxic to honey bees and other insects the way insecticides can be. If you have a garden and need beneficial insects for pollination, mosquito traps can help protect your local environment.
  • They do not use insecticides or pesticides. Many people feel more comfortable knowing they are not adding potentially risky chemicals to their property.
  • They are a long-term solution. Unlike repellants, which only last a few hours, or spray systems, which only last a few weeks, mosquito traps keep killing mosquitoes.
  • They have been proven effective in a number of research studies.
  • They work 24/7 to reduce mosquito populations.
  • They disrupt the mosquito reproductive cycle. The fewer mosquitoes around your home, the lower your risk of bites. This is more effective than using repellants and hoping they don’t bite.
  • There’s no risk of adaptation. Over time, insects can become resistant to some chemicals and compounds. Since mosquito traps work by attracting mosquitoes with something they find irresistible, there’s no way they’ll suddenly become “immune.” As long as mosquitoes want to drink blood, they’ll find the mosquito traps attractive and the traps will continue to work.
  • They target biting mosquitoes. Mosquito traps work by attracting the female mosquito, which means they don’t indiscriminately kill insects not doing you harm.
  • They are not harmful to the environment. There’s no residue left on your lawn or seeping into your soil.
  • They can last for years.
  • They require minimal work on your part to stay at peak performance. You will need to replace the propane tank, purchase a net as well as cartridge and attractant every 21 days or so. Other than these simple tasks, your mosquito magnet can keep running unobtrusively in the background.
  • They start to work right away. Just set up your Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps 30 or 40 feet away from you and your family or guests and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mosquito population is being reduced. Within 4 weeks, the reproductive cycle will be disrupted and you may see noticeable results.
  • They give you control — you decide when, where and how to start using them each season.
  • They are not dangerous for pets or children. Studies have suggested children and pets may be especially affected by insecticides. This is just not a problem with mosquito traps, since insecticides are not used.
  • They allow you to use your yard right away — unlike some insecticides, which require a period when you need to stay off your lawn because of the risk.

Choosing the Right Mosquito Solution for You

To choose the right solution for mosquitoes on your property, here are a few questions you’ll want to ask:

How many mosquitoes do you have?1) How Many Mosquitoes Do You Seem to Have?

If you have a large enough population of insects, they can be a real nuisance. You might not even be able to step outside in the evening without getting covered in bites. If you just see the occasional insect, simply using repellant may be enough. If you are getting bites and seeing more insects, a long-term solution might be important. More mosquitoes around the house mean there are probably breeding grounds nearby.

The best solution? First, try to eliminate as many breeding grounds as possible. Any standing water — like bird baths or an old tire filled with water — has to go. Then install Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps to truly disrupt the breeding cycle and get rid of mosquitoes.

Do you have pets?2) Do You Have a Family or Pets?

Small children may not tolerate mosquito bites, and they may also be more vulnerable to insecticides. Pets and livestock, too, may suffer terribly with insect bites — and you generally can’t use insect repellant as easily. With some insecticides, you may be told to keep pets and children indoors, which might defeat the purpose of getting rid of mosquitoes in the first place. After all, you’re getting rid of pests so everyone in your family can enjoy the outdoors. If you have family or pets, you can use Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps safely and effectively and your entire family can start using the yard right away with no worries about exposure to insecticides.

Do you have mosquito allergies?3) Does Anyone in Your Home Have Sensitivities or Allergies to Mosquito Bites?

Mosquito bites on most people get red and itchy. For some people, however, mosquito bites cause adverse or allergic reactions. For these people, bites can result in hives, painful skin inflammation and in rare cases even anaphylactic shock.

Unfortunately, children are more likely to suffer from complications to mosquito bites. Their bodies just haven’t developed immunity yet — at least not to the extent an adult enjoys. If anyone in your family suffers greatly from mosquito bites, you need to take more aggressive action against mosquitoes. A long-term solution like Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps can reduce the numbers of mosquitoes on your property, protecting everyone in your household.

How busy are you?4) Do You Have a Busy Schedule?

Many mosquito control spray programs require you to set up regular appointments. You may need to be at home or arrange to pay for each visit. In addition to the spraying itself, you might need to move patio furniture out of the way or you might need to arrange to have someone at home when the company stops by. It can be a lot of work to monitor a spray schedule, and you will generally need to spray every 21 days or even more frequently. Trying to use repellants can be even more time-consuming, since you’ll be reapplying at least every few hours.

With a Mosquito Magnet® mosquito trap, on the other hand, you’ll only need to take care of basic tasks — such as replacing the propane tank and purchasing a net as well as a quick-clear cartridge and attractant to keep your mosquito trap working its best. You can do this on your own time — not just during business hours — and it only takes a short time. Outdoor mosquito traps

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Whether you decide to use traps, mosquito barrier sprays or repellents, a spray mosquito treatment for your lawn or some other solution, mosquitoes are tenacious. They are working to survive and they will do everything possible to keep on reproducing. You need to be vigilant and reduce mosquito breeding grounds around your property, even if you are using mosquito control methods. You’ll want to remove any standing water and overgrown weeds on your property, as they can provide mosquito breeding grounds. You’ll also want to continue using screens and other methods to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

If you want to start enjoying the outdoors while worrying less about mosquitoes, contact Mosquito Magnet® to find out more about how insecticide-free mosquito traps can get rid of mosquitoes effectively and safely.


Live for the Night Without Worrying About Unwanted Visitors


Think that the only option for a summer night with the family is cooking dinner or watching a movie indoors? Think again. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities that make nighttime the right time for your friends and family:

  • Patio dinner — Dining alfresco makes everything taste better. Set out your dishes, tablecloth, and get ready for a dinner party under the stars. The fresh air will stimulate your appetite and lend a wonderful atmosphere. You can thread lights around the patio or light candles. Use flowers from your garden to create a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Bonfires — A bright fire can be a great place for telling ghost stories, making s’mores or just relaxing. A fire can also help with outdoor mosquito control, since most mosquitos stay away from smoke. If you decide to build a bonfire, make sure you light your fire away from decks or any flammable surfaces. A fire pit is one safe option, and you should always extinguish the fire completely once you’re done.night-839807_1280
  • Star gazing — Sometimes, the simplest activities are the most fun. All you need for star gazing is a blanket. Find a free star chart guide online to print off and find as many stars and constellations as you can.  You’ll get even more fun out of the event if you plan your stargazing for a night when meteor showers are expected!
  • Camping — Camping is a great way to enjoy the peacefulness and cool air of nighttime.  When you set up your tent, make sure it’s properly sealed to protect you and your family from unexpected storms. Also bring enough warm clothes if you expect the temperature to fall during the night. Whether you’re at home or in a campground, you might also encounter mosquitoes. The insects are especially attracted to warm summer nights and shade. If you’re camping in a campground or park, look into the best insect repellants to keep the bugs away. Certain repellants like outdoor bug zappers aren’t always effective at protecting you from pests.
  • Barbecues — Evening barbecues are a great way to enjoy warm weather, good food and time with loved ones. Light up your grill, grab some of your favorite recipes and get ready for a fun summer night. Some food, drinks and music are all you need to make your party a success. Set up mosquito traps early in the season so that you can reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your property by the time barbecue season rolls around.

Make Your Nighttime Event a Hit

Whether you’re going camping, hosting a dinner party or throwing a barbecue, Planning ahead is important to make sure the event goes smoothly. It’s easy to plan things like the music list and some fun games to play, but it’s harder to plan for the unexpected.

Think ahead and come up with a “Plan B” in case your barbecue or camping trip is rained out. Another unexpected worry you might face is mosquitoes. To keep mosquitoes from ruining your night, consider investing in long-term outdoor mosquito control system like Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps — especially if you plan to host a lot of outdoor events.

Our mosquito traps take propane and convert it into Co2, moisture, heat and a secondary attractant to lure in mosquitoes. When mosquitoes approach the trap, expecting a meal, they’re sucked into a net. They stay in the net until they dehydrate and die. With fewer mosquitoes breeding, you should see a reduction in your mosquito population within four weeks. And if you set up your traps early in the season, you could enjoy summer and autumn evenings with fewer mosquitoes!

How to Clean Your Trap

How To Clean Your How to Clean Your Mosquito Magnet® Trap

Using a Mosquito Magnet® trap on a 24/7 basis throughout the mosquito season can result in a significant reduction in the mosquito population on your property. Mosquito Magnet® is the top long-term solution that is scientifically proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes, black flies, midges, no-see-ums and other flying pests.

As with most mechanical devices, proper and timely routine care is essential for keeping your trap in peak operating condition and maximizing your catch rate. The following information will show you how to clean mosquito traps easily and efficiently.

Using the Quick Clear Valve

Perhaps the most important Mosquito Magnet® cleaning task is the regular use of the Quick Clear valve. This valve has been installed on all Mosquito Magnet® models produced since 2003, and it is used to clean out built-up propane contaminants in the fuel line that could eventually cause the nozzle to clog and ultimately lead to trap failure.

The valve should be used after the first propane tank change of the season and every two tank changes thereafter. In areas where “dirty” propane gas is prevalent, meaning the propane provider has not thoroughly filtered the gas, the valve should be used after every tank change. A new Quick Clear cartridge, the carbon dioxide-filled cylinder that is inserted into the valve to flush the gas line, should be employed with each valve usage.

Keeping the Side Vents Clear

Another important mosquito trap cleaning task is the regular checking of the device’s side vents. These vents can become clogged with dead bugs, which may inhibit air flow and reduce the trap’s vacuuming ability. To perform this mosquito trap cleaning function, simply remove the vents from the trap and wipe away any bugs that are stuck to the sides with a cloth.

Install a Clean Net Every 21 Days

Proper Mosquito Magnet® cleaning also involves changing the mosquito net on a regular basis, as a clogged net can prevent additional mosquitoes from being captured and killed. For best results, install a new, clean net every 21 days, although you may need to change the net more frequently during the peak of the mosquito season.

Try changing the net when it becomes at least half full. Check the net regularly for tears or other damage.

How to Clean Your Mosquito Magnet® Trap

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Trap

Exterior mosquito trap cleaning can be done quickly and easily. Regular cleaning will keep your trap free of dirt and debris, so it won’t become an eyesore in your yard. You can clean your trap simply by wiping it down with clean water and a damp cloth.

Stock Up on Mosquito Trap Cleaning Accessories and Save Money in the Process

Use these Mosquito Magnet® cleaning tips to enjoy a mosquito-free yard throughout the year. To ensure you never run out of mosquito trap cleaning accessories such as nets and Quick Clear cartridges, sign up for one of our Subscribe & Save programs. Enjoy the benefits of automatic shipments along with substantial cost savings!

Is That a Mosquito in My Food?

outdoor party summer

“Is that a mosquito in my food?” If you’re a restaurateur, caterer or owner of any type of food industry establishment that serves cuisine outdoors, that’s a question you never want to hear from your customers or patrons. And if you’re entertaining outdoors at your residence, you certainly don’t want mosquitoes bothering your guests as they dine.

Mosquitoes are quickly drawn to any outdoor area that is inhabited by large groups of people, as humans are a readily available source of the blood they need to produce eggs. Thus, a busy outdoor eating establishment can serve as a smorgasbord for mosquitoes. And if you’re serving water or liquid foods such as soup, mosquitoes just might view these as attractive standing water sources for laying their eggs, a crucial phase of the mosquito breeding cycle.

Why Food Industry Mosquito Control Is So Important

Mosquitoes are known carriers of serious diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever, which can be transmitted to humans by a mosquito bite. While mosquitoes may not necessarily be able to contaminate food, diners who find mosquitoes in their food may be so concerned about contracting a mosquito-borne disease that they may never patronize the establishment again.

The presence of mosquitoes also places diners at risk of being bitten. When it comes to outdoor dining, mosquito control is essential to the health of the patrons and the business!

Outdoor Restaurant Mosquito Control Via Trapping

Bug zappers, scented candles or repellent sprays are not exactly the most appetizing restaurant mosquito control methods. However, restaurateurs can turn to trapping for a safe, sanitary and effective outdoor dining mosquito control solution. A strategically-placed Mosquito Magnet® trap can actually lure mosquitoes away from the premises and kill them before they can cause harm.

How Does a Mosquito Magnet Trap® Work?

mm counterflow technology

Mosquito Magnet® works by converting propane to carbon dioxide, a powerful mosquito attractant that is also found in human breath. You can then mix carbon dioxide with an exact level of heat, moisture and a secondary attractant. The trap releases a precise and steady stream of this combination into the atmosphere. When mosquitoes are lured to the trap, the patented Counterflow™ Technology vacuums them inside and into a net, where they become trapped and die of dehydration within 24 hours.

Because the trap is placed away from the establishment — typically in a location between the seating area and any nearby source of standing water — diners won’t even know that a restaurant mosquito control device is being used. The only telltale sign will be a noticeable lack of mosquitoes!

A Mosquito Magnet® trap can also be an effective mosquito control solution for homeowners who want to protect their outdoor guests.

Don’t Let Hungry Mosquitoes Make a Meal of Your Dinner Guests

Employing the right food industry mosquito control methods can contribute to a healthy bottom line for outdoor dining establishment. Protect your guests and your investment with the help of a Mosquito Magnet® trap!

It Pays to Be a Mosquito Magnet® Member!

mosquito magnet net subscribe and save program

What’s a great way to ensure you’ll never run out of Mosquito Magnet® accessories while also experiencing big-time savings in the process? Becoming a member of the Mosquito Magnet® rewards program called “Subscribe & Save!”

Your Mosquito Magnet® subscription enables you to enjoy the ease and convenience of having attractants, nets and Quick Clear cartridges automatically shipped to your home. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you and your family will be fully protected against mosquitoes, black flies, midges and other flying pests all season long!

mosquito magnet net subscribe and save program

What Do Your Get With Your Mosquito Magnet® Rewards Program?

As a Subscribe & Save member, you will receive a regular shipment that includes three Mosquito Attractants, three Mosquito Morgue™ Nets and three Quick Clear Cartridges. As part of routine trap maintenance, each of these vital accessories should be replaced approximately every three weeks to ensure your Mosquito Magnet® trap remains operating at peak efficiency. Your shipment will arrive at your doorstep every nine weeks, so you’ll never have to worry about having accessories on hand when you need them!

Choose the Mosquito Magnet® Rewards Program That’s Right for You!

We offer a variety of Mosquito Magnet® subscription options that allow you to customize your program to your specific needs. Select the Mosquito Magnet® rewards program offering the attractant that is the best choice for your region of the United States or Canada.

You can also choose either a six-month or 12-month program length. Programs are available for our current line of traps, including the Commander, Executive, Patriot and Independence, as well as older trap models including the Defender, Liberty and Liberty Plus.

Your Mosquito Magnet® Offers an Economical Trap Accessory Solution

When you become a Subscribe & Save member, you get the reward of immediate savings on your trap accessories – you’ll enjoy a substantial price reduction by joining the program when compared to purchasing accessories individually. We also feature special offers that can save you even more. When you consider that we include free ground shipping with your order, it’s easy to see that Subscribe & Save is the most budget-friendly way to protect your property against disease-carrying flying pests.

How Do I Become a Mosquito Magnet® Rewards Member?

Taking advantage of our Subscribe & Save programs is so easy! To get started, use the convenient Subscribe & Save Buying Guide to help you select the program that makes the most sense for you. Then click on the specific program description, and place your order at our safe and secure online store. We take care of everything else for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a mosquito-free home throughout the season.

Start Your Mosquito Magnet® Subscription Today

Sign up for a Mosquito Magnet® rewards program today, and enjoy the benefits of automatic shipping and substantial savings for many months to come. It really does pay to become a Mosquito Magnet® member!

Stop the Bite and Save the Dough With Our Mosquito Control Deals


Stop the Bite and Save the Dough With Our Mosquito Control Deals

A Mosquito Magnet® trap is your best defense against annoying, disease-carrying flying pests. It’s the leading long-term solution that is scientifically proven to safely and effectively control mosquitoes, midges, black flies and no-see-ums. By taking advantage of the many different mosquito control deals and special offers that are available, you get the benefit of season-long insect protection and save money in the process.

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By taking a few minutes to explore our website, you’ll typically find a variety of special promotional offers that can provide big-time savings on Mosquito Magnet® traps and accessories. For instance, you’ll receive a $50 gift card that can be applied toward your propane tank and first fill when you purchase the Commander, our latest, most technologically innovative Mosquito Magnet® trap.
And our “Buy Back Bite Back” promotion enables you to receive up to $150 by upgrading to a new trap. Be sure to check our website throughout the year for our latest Mosquito Magnet® coupons and other Mosquito Magnet® promotions!

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Save a bundle on vital Mosquito Magnet® accessories such as nets, attractants and Quick Clear cartridges by becoming a member of our rewards program known as “Subscribe & Save.” Accessories will be shipped to your door on a regular basis, so you won’t have to worry about running out during the peak of the mosquito season. You also get a special mosquito control discount that is automatically included with your order!

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We encourage you to take advantage of as many Mosquito Magnet® promotions and mosquito control deals as possible to maximize your buying power. And feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like more information about any of our mosquito control discounts. Win the battle against pesky mosquitoes with the help of your Mosquito Magnet® trap!