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How Far Can Mosquitoes Fly?

How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly?

How Far Do Mosquitoes Fly? The Zika-spreading Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes only fly a few hundred feet from their breeding area. Most mosquitoes, however, have the ability to fly 1-3 miles. Some of the larger mosquitoes in the Midwestern United States can be found 7 miles or more from their breeding sites. If […]

When will we have a Zika vaccine?

When Will We Have a Zika Vaccine?

When Will We Have a Zika Vaccine? Over 30 Zika Virus vaccines are in development across the world, when just a year ago none at all were on the radar. The recent surge and spread in cases throughout the world has spurred a need for a vaccination against a potential epidemic. Even though we’ve known […]

Pesticide naled used in Zika prevention efforts has negative side effects for bees and other wildlife.

Negative Repercussions in Zika-Prevention Attempts

Acute pesticide poisoning is the cause of death for millions of bees in Dorchester County, South Carolina, after officials took to the skies with sprays of naled to reduce mosquito populations in a Zika-prevention effort. Following in Miami City’s footsteps, Dorchester officials wanted to kill the adult mosquitoes that previous ground-efforts could not reach. While […]

Zika Mosquitoes Have been found hiding in Bromeliad plants.

Miami Beach Mosquitoes Test Positive for Zika

Disappointing, but not unexpected, news for the War on Zika: 3 mosquitoes test positive for Zika Virus in the Miami Beach area. This is the first time that domestic mosquitoes have been found carrying the virus. This announcement comes on the heels of an already-instated travel warning from the CDC for pregnant women to avoid […]

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Backyard Barbeque - from Mosquito Magnet

Tips for Entertaining Your Friends – Not the Bugs

Your big backyard barbeque is underway – a total success, everything planned to the ‘t.’ But then terror strikes in the form of those winged devils known as mosquitoes. Guests start slapping, scratching, and running for cover – and you’re embarrassed. Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions to help you entertain your guests – not the […]

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

Mosquito bites are just as pesky as the bugs themselves! The second you feel relief from scratching the bite, all of the itching comes back. It can be distracting during the day and even interrupt your sleep schedule at night. It’s not fair that such a tiny bite can cause such a big nuisance, right? […]

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CDC Issues Travel Warning during Miami Zika outbreak

Update for August 2, 2016 After 14 people in Florida were found infected with Zika virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a travel warning stating that pregnant women should not travel to the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. Previously, officials confirmed that four people contracted the Zika virus from mosquitoes within the […]

Heartworm in the US & Canada

Keeping Pets Safe From Mosquitoes

Buying bug sprays, tiki torches, and citronella candles is what most of us do in preparation for mosquito season. But what do we do for our dogs and cats? Are they susceptible to mosquito bites and illnesses, too? Yes! Here at Mosquito Magnet®, we want to make sure you and your pets have a healthy […]

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How Big Can Mosquitoes Get? [Infographic]

How Big Can Mosquitoes Get? A size comparison of mosquitoes and midges. Mosquitoes and midges are pests, tiny little pests, yet they’re the most deadly animal on the planet. Here at Mosquito Magnet®, we wanted to take a look at the size difference between some of the most common biting mosquitoes and midges. In our […]

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