How to Prevent Mosquitoes Come Spring

How to Prevent Mosquitoes Come Spring

Whether you have a house near a pond, stream, or lake, it seems to happen every year. The first few days of spring arrive, and the weather gets blissfully warmer. You step outside, eager to enjoy the sun, barbecues, and everything else the outdoors have to offer. At first, everything is terrific. You breathe in the fresh air, spend quality time with your family, and run around in the green grass. And then the mosquitoes show up. It can seem as though mosquitoes emerge overnight in huge numbers or even swarms. Suddenly, you and your family are forced back inside unless you want to deal with the itchy, painful bites and the annoying buzzing.

Backyard Mosquito Control

what a mosquito looks like up closeThe reality is mosquitoes sort of do show up overnight. As soon as temperatures hover at 50 degrees consistently, it’s warm enough for mosquitoes. There are more than 150 types of mosquitoes in the United States. Some hibernate for the winter, while others die off once temperatures drop. The ones that die out lay eggs before succumbing to the cold. Once the weather is warm enough, the eggs hatch, leaving you with a backyard full of the insects.

Hibernating mosquitoes simply wake up once the weather turns warm and suddenly invade. The result is the same: You get more mosquitoes, putting you at risk for uncomfortable bites or even a mosquito-borne disease. To avoid the problem, you need to create a mosquito control system for your backyard. Before the weather hits 50 degrees and the first mosquitoes show up, you can take steps to prevent the pests, and help yourself enjoy more insect-free days.

Prevent Mosquitoes Come Spring

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

It’s easy to take steps to prevent and get rid of mosquitoes. You just have to know what attracts them. Two things typically attract these insects: water and blood. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, and they only need a little bit of it to reproduce. A pond, birdbath, and even a puddle or overwatered garden are enough for the insects to lay their eggs. To provide nutrition for the eggs, the female mosquito will need to bite animals or humans to gather blood. Only female mosquitoes bite. You can reduce your home’s curb appeal for mosquitoes just by getting rid of standing water. Keeping your property dry and trimming overgrown grass where mosquitoes hide can encourage them to move onto greener pastures. You can also reduce mosquito populations near your home by making sure there are less mosquitoes reproducing. Some species of mosquitoes can lay 100-300 eggs every three nights. Since the eggs can hatch in a week for some species, this means every individual female mosquito may be adding as many as 600 mosquitoes to your property every week during the spring and summer! One way of getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard is to control the female mosquitoes. When female mosquitoes are looking for an animal or person to bite, they’re enticed by CO2 and other attractants. Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps work by converting propane into a carefully calibrated balance of heat, CO2, moisture, and a secondary attractant. Mosquitoes approach the trap and are whisked away by a vacuum. Trapped by netting, they dehydrate within 24 hours, reducing the number of biting and breeding mosquitoes in your area. If you want to see fewer mosquitoes this spring, set up your Mosquito Magnet® mosquito trap while the weather is still in the high 40° range and rising. Once the temperatures are in the 50-degree range, the traps will begin attracting mosquitoes. This will help to eliminate them before they can gain a foothold on your property. Then, just keep your trap at peak performance during the spring and summer season to enjoy optimal backyard mosquito control.