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Culex pipiens - Biting Insect Library

House Mosquito

Culex pipiens is commonly referred to as the House Mosquito.  It is the main vector, or carrier, of St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, Heartworm in dogs, and bird malaria.


Learn some interesting facts about the house mosquito, such as where the highest incidences of mosquito prevalence occurs and where the mosquito population likes to breed.




Interesting Facts

The female Culex pipiens overwinters in a state of torpor in a protected location, usually a cave, cellar, basement, or outbuilding.


This mosquito is considered to be the main vector of St. Louis Encephalitis.


In some regions, this mosquito is one of the chief vectors of West Nile Virus.


The Culex pipiens has been basically considered to be a “bird feeder,” however, some mosquitoes of the species prefer humans and other mammals for their blood-meals.


Culex pipiens can transmit the virus that causes heartworm in dogs and malaria in birds.


A high incidence of mosquito prevalence occurs in mid-to-late summer.  Another occurance of mosquito prevalence is polluted waters in places including malfunctioning septic systems, evaporation pools in sewer plants and stagnant ponds.

Culex pipiens will readily breed in these areas.




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