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Culex pipiens - Biting Insect Library

House Mosquito

Culex pipiens is commonly referred to as the House Mosquito. It is the main vector, or carrier, of St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, Heartworm in dogs, and bird malaria.


Although its main target has been birds, it is now targeting humans and mammals on a regular basis.





The Culex pipiens is considered to be the most common mosquito in urban and suburban areas within North America.  It is easy to see where it acquired its nickname “House Mosquito,” since it is often found in houses at night here in the United States. 


Culex pipiens is known as the Northern House Mosquito and Culex quinquefasciatus is known as the Southern House Mosquito.


Where do mosquitoes live during winter?  The mosquito population often spends the winter in human dwellings to escape the cold, staying in basements, cellars or outbuildings.  Some of the species may dwell in caves during cold weather.  Learn about the mosquito breeding cycle of the Culex pipiens mosquito.




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