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Culex pipiens - Biting Insect Library

House Mosquito

Culex pipiens is commonly referred to as the House Mosquito. It is the main vector, or carrier, of St. Louis Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Western Equine Encephalitis, Heartworm in dogs, and bird malaria.


Although its main target has been birds, it is now targeting humans and mammals on a regular basis.  Learn more about the mosquito breeding cycle below.




Breeding Habits

Eggs of mosquitoes may be laid in either areas apt to flood or areas of standing water, depending on the type of mosquito.  Mosquitoes are often categorized by their egg-laying preferences: floodwater mosquitoes or standing water mosquitoes.


Eggs of the Culex pipiens Mosquito are laid in rafts of 150-350 eggs in polluted or foul water.  Examples of mosquito breeding grounds include catch basins, ditches, rain barrels, ground pools, clogged rain gutters, neglected birdfeeders with standing water, and areas that contain organic waste materials.


Larvae, when hatched, progress through the life cycle of a mosquito, remaining at or near the mosquito breeding ground through adulthood.  Some female Culex pipiens will travel a distance in search of a blood meal to develop her eggs. The entire process of egg to adult mosquito, otherwise known as the mosquito breeding cycle, can take up to two weeks, depending on the weather.






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