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Asian Tiger - Biting Insect Library

Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger mosquito is a vector (carrier) of Dengue Fever, and a potential carrier of Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and heartworm in pets.  Learn about the symptoms of Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, encephalitis, and heartworm.


After first being found in Houston, TX, this mosquito species has quickly spread to other areas within the US.  It is believed to have been brought into the U.S. via shipments of old tires from Asia.




Interesting Facts

Where is the origin of these mosquitoes? The Asian Tiger mosquito is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. Although the origin of these mosquitoes is Asia, these insects have invaded many countries through the transport of goods and increasing global travel. The origin of these mosquitoes in the U.S. is a result of this as well.  The Asian Tiger mosquito is believed to have been accidentally introduced into the United States in 1985 through used tires imported from Asia.


The Asian Tiger mosquito’s name comes from its black-and-white striped appearance.


This mosquito usually never travels further than ½ mile of where it breeds.


The female Asian Tiger mosquito is a daytime biter, and is often very aggressive and persistent.  She may bite a person several times until she has gathered enough blood for her egg production.


Global warming will likely increase the spread of this mosquito to areas where it previously may not have survived the winters.


The Asian Tiger mosquito is invading new areas and replacing the less-aggressive Yellow Fever Mosquito species currently found in those areas.


This mosquito has been shown to be a possible vector, or carrier, of over 30 viruses, although not all of these viruses strike humans.






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