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Anopheles - Biting Insect Library

Anopheles Mosquito

The Anopheles mosquito is known universally as the Malaria Mosquito because it is considered the primary vector of the disease.  It is also considered a transmitter of heartworm in dogs.


When resting, the stomach area of the Anopheles mosquito points upward, rather than being even with the surrounding surface like most mosquitoes.





Where do Malaria mosquitoes live? Anopheles mosquitoes can be found just about anywhere in the world with the exception of Antarctica.  Since these mosquitoes can be found in places where malaria has been eradicated, there is always the chance that malaria can re-infest that area. 


After all, it only takes one blood meal from a person or mammal infected with Malaria for the Anopheles mosquito to transmit it to another person or mammal.  The person originally infected may have just travelled to an area where Malaria is present or an unsuspecting visitor from an endemic region may have brought the disease along on a visit.  Learn more about the symptoms of malaria, as well as the malaria mosquito species.


With world travel so common today, the possibility of re-infesting a previously eradicated area always exists.  In addition, regions that have never had outbreaks of malaria may become an endemic area for the first time.  Where do Malaria mosquitoes live?  Anywhere.  Effective mosquito control systems can offer protection against these pests and their mosquito-borne diseases.




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