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Aedes aegypti Mosquito - Biting Insect Library

Aedes aegypti Mosquito

Known as the “Yellow Fever Mosquito,” Aedes aegypti is the main vector, or carrier, of Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever in certain regions of North, Central, and South America.


Aedes aegypti is an early morning or late afternoon biter, but will also bite at night under sufficient artificial lighting.





Where do Yellow Fever mosquitoes live? The Aedes aegypti, or Yellow Fever mosquito, is found in most regions in the tropical and subtropical parts of the world.  The African continent is where 90% of all infections occur from the Yellow Fever mosquito. Originating in Africa, the Yellow Fever mosquito is believed to have been first brought to the United States on ships used for European exploration or colonization.  In the United States, today, the Yellow Fever mosquito has been found in both eastern and western states, as far north as New York and as far west as New Mexico.  Its numbers are highest in states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. 



Where do Yellow Fever Mosquitoes Live in Your Yard?

Yellow Fever mosquitoes are considered container-inhabiting mosquitoes. This means they typically breed in unused flowerpots, spare tires, untreated swimming pools and drainage ditches. They thrive when in close contact with people, making them a common pest for countless backyards throughout the United States. Male and female adult mosquitoes feed on nectar of plants. Female mosquitoes must blood feed primarily on humans in order to produce eggs. Active in the daytime, the females are the main causes for concern, transmitting diseases to you and your family. To keep Yellow Fever mosquitoes from breeding in your yard, you would have to remove all areas of stagnant water, from the smallest flowerpot to a large pool. This would be virtually impossible. Therefore, to properly protect yourself from the diseases mosquitoes carry you need an effective outdoor mosquito control system. 





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